Re: Assignment # 7 – Trip to Made In New York Media Center

Hi Class,

I posted a new blog assignment for “Do The Right Thing” and the new one is for our recent trip. What did you find interesting about the trip, the facility and the “Bridge Series” discussion “Stay Tuned – Keeping Viewers Connected 24/7” about marketing and digital/television? Below is a recap of the talk and presenters.

Since television networks need to have programming 24/7, new mediums are being utilized to increase consumption. We will take an up close look at how Networks are changing the way programming and marketing strategies drive viewership. Between brand integration and content usage on social media platforms, our panelists will dive into some of the new techniques used to sustain engagement.

Panelists will include television network executives:

Carrie Brzezinski, V.P. of Marketing Solutions at ESPN

Yomi Desalu, VP – Music & Talent Programming Strategy at MTV Networks / Logo

Damon Williams, V.P. of Programming at Music Choice

Cocktail Reception to follow Panel Discussion


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