Assignment #9 – Women’s Representation in Current Television – Jazmyn Benjamin

girlsRoles of women in television have changed over the years, and it’s reflecting how women have grown in society. If women are rising to equality then why not portray that in film? The show Girls demonstrates a real aspect to what girls go through in life. Of course there will always be scenes that might seem unrealistic but that is bound to happen in television. Those scenes are limited. You go through thHBO comedy Girlse 4 main characters lives and you feel the emotions that drive each life event. Whether its awkwardness, shame or delight, you are able to connect with the characters on some level. You might not be a dependent, immature lost soul like the main character Hannah, but you might have been through an event or emotion she has gone through. With each character’s flaws shining brighter than their strengths, the characters are more realistic. The four women are young so they don’t have everything put together, which can be looked at as a weakness but they each work hard to find their happiness. That aspect of the show to me shows strength. Yes, a big portion talks about men, but finding love is a big topic in most people’s life. Including men in terms of love our-favorite-hair-moments-from-season-3-of-hbos-girlsdoesn’t show weakness or submission, it shows humility and realism, and the relationship scenes with the men are where the girls show the most strength. You are able to see them make their own decisions (some of them not the best ones) and overall take control of their life, which shows woman in power and in control. Not every woman has to be strong, and well put together to show a powerful female role. I think the four women in Girls are powerful characters that represent real women in society.


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