Assignment #10 Chop Shop by Mayra Acero

Chop Shop is a movie film in Queens, New York directed by Ramin Bahrani. The movie is about Alejandro an orphan boy who tries to survived on his on by working in a garage fixing cars in Queens. The neighborhood is in Corona by the Met Willets Point Stadium. Alejandro then tries to contact his sisters and tells her to move in with him in a small room located on the upper floor of the garage where he works at.

After his sister moves in they try to buy a food truck to make a living out of themselves that way they can only be their own boss. Chop Shop was depressing to watch because it was hard seeing people live in these conditions, especially a young boy like Alejandro eating popcorn in his room with not a real parent to guide him through the way.

As the movie went on, his sister became a prostitute and Alejandro began to steal. I would have liked the ending to be different. Seeing how it was so depressing I would have liked for it to have had a happy ending.


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