The Chelsea Gallery Trip

     I went to a another Gallery that we were looking at almost like documents and different type of language art that Patrick Faigenbaum researched at Kolkata/Calcutta. That he took pictures on Shreyasi Chatterjee and showed of her type of demonstration of her culture art and Patrick took many pictures of how they lived in and what they lived in. I went to see a couple of artists designs but the one that caught my attention was the Dream House that three different artist’s worked on, La Monte Young, Marian, Zazeela, and Jung Hee Choi. What they created was a Sound and Light environment that it is a room of time installation measured that has a setting of continuous frequencies in sound and light. The room vibrates and a strange sound of waves that will go high or low. It felt like a room that you can meditate your body of motion feeling and hearing of your self. The atmosphere of the room is dark blue and mostly purple to change your emotions and your behavior of making you feel like it is nighttime or something different that could cause you negativity or some kind of yoga.


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