Assignment #10 Chop Shop by Mayra Acero

Chop Shop is a movie film in Queens, New York directed by Ramin Bahrani. The movie is about Alejandro an orphan boy who tries to survived on his on by working in a garage fixing cars in Queens. The neighborhood is in Corona by the Met Willets Point Stadium. Alejandro then tries to contact his sisters and tells her to move in with him in a small room located on the upper floor of the garage where he works at.

After his sister moves in they try to buy a food truck to make a living out of themselves that way they can only be their own boss. Chop Shop was depressing to watch because it was hard seeing people live in these conditions, especially a young boy like Alejandro eating popcorn in his room with not a real parent to guide him through the way.

As the movie went on, his sister became a prostitute and Alejandro began to steal. I would have liked the ending to be different. Seeing how it was so depressing I would have liked for it to have had a happy ending.


Assignment #9 – Women’s Representation in Current Television by Mayra Acero

The Women’s representation nowadays seems very Independent but at the same time dependent on men and the need to be in a relationship.

For example, in “Orange is the New Black” Piper seems to be tough in jail but at the same time needs her fiance for moral support. She needs to talk to him, see him on visitation days etc. I do feel that she has overcome her fear of being in prison which shows a different side of Piper because instead of being the nice white girl, she toughens up and defends herself towards the end. Many people would not have the guts to do what Piper did, to turn herself in and be lock in prison for 18 months. That shows her tough side telling us she is not scared of the consequences towards her actions.

Women nowadays need attention. In the series “GIRLS” Hannah the main character seems needy. Although she tries to be independent she still sees her ex boyfriend supposedly with the excuse of taking care of him but she always tends to go back to him no matter what the excuse is. Hannah depends on many people for emotional support all the time. Hannah does have goals and accomplishes them sometimes which shows how women don’t really need men to succeed career wise.

Both of these women have aspirations for the future and look out for themselves and their well being not caring if they hurt a men or not and I believe this is what is changing the view of women in the current television. A woman now cares for succeeding on her own and improving herself working hard until she gets what she wants

Assignment #8 – “The Visitor” by Mayra Acero

This film represented immigrants hard life to be treated equal in the United States as well as an older lonely man having meeting new people who help him overcome that loneliness.

Professor Walter Vale travels to New York and finds two strangers in his apartment. They are two immigrants one from Syria and the other from France. Walter let’s them stay in his apartment feeling bad they have no place to live. I believe he let them stay not only because he felt bad but also to have them make him feel less lonely in that big apartment.

Tarek teaches Walter how to play the drums giving Walter a reason to practice at an instrument. Unlike at the beginning of the movie Walter was not so good at playing the piano. Tarek gave him the motivation and support Walter needed to open up and have fun for a change instead of being so stiff and serious all the time.

The way immigrants are treated is cruel because they mostly never commit crimes that give the country the right to deport them. Immigrants do jobs that most Americans won’t do for less money. The only reason they come to this country is to dream of a better life. The way they are treated is exactly like criminals and that is the way this film made me see this situation. I am happy that the ending was not so happy because this is a cruel reality that immigrants need to have a voice and have certain rights.

The ending of this movie ends up being Walter playing the drums loudly on the subway station in Broadway which shows that even though his friend got deported he helped open a new side of Walter that was never there before.

Assignment # 7 – Trip to Made In New York Media Center by Mayra Acero

The trip to the Media Center was very interesting because they offered the opportunity to learn, meet new people in the field and have opportunity for advancement. The way they have put the walls together to screen many images at once is very eye catching, as well as the way their drew with chalk “A trip to the Moon” was cool to see.

The “Bridge Series” discussion “Stay Tuned – Keeping Viewers Connected 24/7″ about marketing and digital/television was engaging because it is interesting to see how everything is changing quickly by the influence of technology. They were saying how soon a television is going to worth nothing. It made me realized how so many people are beginning to take technology to a new level. Taking it everywhere with us and using it, no matter whatever it is we are doing.

Nowadays we are not only watching television, we are also connected on our phones and doing many multiple things at one time. Carrie Brzezinski, V.P. of Marketing Solutions at ESPN said while sports fans are watching the game they are also looking at the tweets or tweeting about what’s happening or looking at another team scores.

The complimentary drinks at the end of the discussion were also a plus!

Assignment # 6 – Do The Right Thing by Mayra Acero

Do the right thing is a comical yet tragedy movie that had a shocking ending due to racial conflicts in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. A 1991 film by Spike Lee in which he plays the lead character “Mookie” and works at a local pizzeria own by Italians.

Bill Nunn plays the character “Radio Raheem” who is a guy who carries his Boombox with him everywhere playing his music loudly. He plays a song “Fight the Power” which can be interpreted as a war between the color folks against the white folks.

In the movie, I felt the color folks were attached to their neighborhood and tried to protect it as if it were the only place they felt safe and comfortable at. Excluding most of the white folks and foreigners and treating them bad in a very disrespectful way. For example, the Asian owners of a small corner market have no saying in this so why bother them? Although they where trying to “fight the power” they weren’t really putting anything from their part to be treated with respect. Salvatore the pizza place owner had nothing to do with any start of an argument, he simply asked Radio Raheem to turned the music off. I feel like they had no right to destroy his place built by his own hands and hard work.

I do believe that the respect they have from the cops are very low. Radio Raheem had no reason to be shot at. What they did to this young guy is terrible and this things should not happened. A simple argument shouldn’t be solved by shooting a guy. Cops are supposed to solve the problems not end the problems by killing innocent people.

“Iris” documentary by Mayra Acero

Iris Apfel is a 93 year old fashion icon who has changed dramatically the meaning of fashion. Albert Maysles directed and filmed the documentary “Iris” which unfortunately ended up to be the last film he made. Apfel expresses herself through her clothing which is a lot of clothes considering she has many storage places to keep all her valuable clothes and objects safe & sound. The movie was a success in my opinion not so much for her being a fashion icon but for the story Maysles brought to screen. Iris being such an interesting character with a great personality and a loving husband is what made this documentary so great.


In New York, either some people really care of dressing to impress or some just do not care what they wear at all. In New York having so many different options to look your best is hard to choose in what direction to go. I feel that Iris is a mix of everything. She uses high fashion clothing with necklaces she finds in Harlem then wears her big glasses and embraces that not giving a crap of what people will say which is pretty unbelievable and admiring. Iris has a tremendous of clothing you do not find in stores or anywhere for that matter, I do believe some of her clothing and accessories are museum worthy collection because it is important to show people the clothing that does not exist anymore and the fashion statement the clothing mean being that Iris wore it. What Iris has that is so wonderful is that no matter where your going and no matter how much the clothing you have on is worth, the point is to embrace what you wear and stand out.


The relationship she has with her husband has come a long way. Seeing how they interact with one another is like watching two people who have kept the fire going and have overcome many obstacles to keeping their relationship going. Both Carl and Iris are used to each, even though they did not have any children I do believe there is an empty space in them that you can see through seeing the documentary. Carl, her husband wears whatever she tells him to wear not caring if it’s some crazy paints or even a pimp hat. The bond they have for each other is bigger than what clothing means to Iris which is remarkable to see how in the film they said how everything in life is borrowed but the experiences we have go with us as well as the people we meet.


Iris was a trail blazer because she set out her style in a way no one has marking her stamp with her big glasses. I do not agree with most of the reviews because some do not think Iris is a fashion icon. One review said that is sad how they were a fan of Maysles but after watching this film they aren’t. The film is great and even if her style is not everyone’s cup of tea I believe Maysles was all about the story he wanted to show with this astonishing woman who has a great personality and a great husband. Fashion is a statement that you wear, some people will love your outfit and some people will hate it. Fortunately for Iris, I love of people love her style and her over the top outfits!

Hester Street assignment #4 by Mayra Acero

Gitl and Jake adapt to the “new world” in the late 19 centuries by changing their traditions and the way they look. Jake shaved his beard and his sideburns off to look more like Americans look here in the United States. Gitl eventually stops wearing her wig and starts showing her real hair. Married Jewish woman are usually supposed to wear only wigs once they are married which means Gitl is breaking this tradition just to pleased Jake. At first Gitl does not agree with Jake about changing the way she dresses or about taking off the wig but she sees she is not pleasing him in any way, so later in film she stops wearing her wig.

Jake relinquished his roots of being a Jewish in totality because he no longer follows their bible nor reads it, doesn’t dress like a Jew and of course leaves his believes aside and tries to be an American in all the ways possible. Gitl on the other hand stays firm to her Jewish roots although she stops wearing her wig. Gitl stayed with Bernstein which in a way makes her get closer to her roots being with someone who is a faithful Jewish.
Mamie is a Polish dancer who is having an affair with Jake (a married man). Mamie thinks similar to Jake because she wants to be the most American possible to fit in. She dresses like an American women leaving behind her Jewish traditions. Mamie stop following anything Jewish. She is different from Gitl because she no lingers follows anything Jewish while Gitl still follows most of the Jewish traditions.
Bernstein is similar to Gitl because they are both staying true to their beliefs. This is the difference between Jake and Bernstein that Jake no longer wants to continue practicing his religion while Bernstein studies, speaks and educates himself on his religion. Another difference between these two men is that they both want something different for Yossele. One man teaches Yossele the American ways and the other the Jewish ways.
Yiddish is used in the film as the main way of communication within the Jewish people in the film. Although Jake and Mamie speak mostly English, the German Jewish language is used throughout the film. Many posters were put up to learn English that were written in Yiddish which gives us a hint that if you do not learn English, you can not do anything in America. It brought an authentic feeling to the film and also made it more realistic in feeling the way Jewish lived their life in the lower east side.
Being Jewish in the film is portrayed very strict in the film because woman have to wear wigs, men cannot shave their beard and so on. It feels like when they came to America they felt some freedom especially Jake and Mamie. Feeling out of their routine they felt free to express themselves in America. While Gitl and Bernstein felt faithful to their religion and try to remain with their routine to keep practicing and to learn to be true to their beliefs.