Assignment #6 Do the Right Thing -Dexter Borja


Now “do the right thing” is really out their and raw this film directed by Spike lee is pretty interesting this movie shows alot of  racism and sterotypes. In the movie you get to see all the racial tension that these races have towards each other their are asian, african American, latinos and whites.


the story begins with a young man by the name mookie work for sal at the pizzeria his friend bugging out sees that he live in a black neighborhood and sals pizzeria has a wall filled with white actors and he decided to comfront sal bout the wall asking why isnt their black actors. sal simply responds becaouse its my pizzeria and ill put up who ever i want, this then seemd to start a spark and buggig out  starts to try to boycot sal by then saying that he is racist. i didnt think sal had problem with the African American community because he basically fed the people in that neighbor hood for years and watched them grow. but one of his kids wasnt able to understand that, urging sal to move to a different part of town becaouse he didnt like the people in the neighbor hood cuz of their coltural differences.


At the end bugging out got what he wanted after one of his friends had the cops called on and they had chocked him to death. moogie was upset and shattered sal pisseria window and everyone burn the rest of it down.



Assignment#8 The Visitor- Dexter Borja

In the movie the Visitor directed by Thomas McCarthy Is a Film that deals with the challenges that immigrants face day to day. The main Character who is a proffesser usually spent his time working and never had time to unwind he was unhappy untill he had met a man named Tarek and his girlfriend Zainab who were tricked into thinking that the apartment they where staying in belonged to no one but it did belong to Walter.

luckely this encounter lead to a strong friend ship between tarek and walter as Tarek was able to show Walter a new way to look at life and brought Walter back to life with the sounds of the drums.

imgres after a while Tarek got stopped by officers asked for a id and then thats where everything started to fall apart. Tarek had gotten put into to jail and at the end deported leaving his loved ones behind Walter atempted to fight for his rights and it was to late nothing could had been done. Walter had learned so much from this experiance and he broke free out of his shell.images

Assignment#7 Trip To Media Center-By Dexter Borja


i never knew about the media center untill we took a trip out to see it i like the location and some of the classes they offer, some free and some not but in the other hand you also get to rent out a spaciouse room to hold conferences and you get to share with other people who are also into media arts.


i enjoyed the visual presentaition of the place and the fact that they had a walls with projectors showing all kinds of video and animation.

What had caought my attention are the classes they offer they offer alot of media classes from how to tell stories, speach and even starting and forming a bussines this sounds all great and i might just take some of the classes they offer.

Assignment #3 Regeneration- Dexter Borja


In the film Regeneration (1915) by Raoul Walsh’s a young boy by the name of Owen who became an orphan after his mother had passed away he then is taken in by next door neighborsthey then took care of him but at the same time made him do chores right after he was brought to the house he was put to clean clothing and it seem like he was doing a bad job and he got hit as a child he was constantly abused and lived in very poor environment so he had decided to run away on his own to live on the streets. As he grew into a man he then became a gang leader and at his side his friend skinny one of his gang members who looked extremely shady with an eye patch.


Owen and his gang in one of the scenes where invited into a boat party everyone seemed like they were having a great time the kids and the adults all speaking and dancing getting ready for lunch. It seemed very crowded at the dining table the children and adults rushed in to get their meals. Later on in the evening skinny and two other gang members saw these three women sitting alone so skinny decided to try to call them over the ladies laughed and said no he tried to speak to them again trying to convinced them and he didn’t do a good job so out of his frustration he threw the cigarette he was smoking to the floor it lands on a big cable which then caught fire in this scene the director chose to change the color to a red signaling danger everyone rushed out and luckily they got away. owen then sees these two young girls stranded and decided to go help them out and then later on they where greatful that he saved them

.owenHe then later on deciedes to leave this life style behind him trying to become an educated adult. after he met a woman named Marie he had fallen head over heals for her she was also the one helping Owen get an education and leave his old life style behind.

Assignment#2 Gangs of New York Dexter Borja


In the movie gangs of new york. I have chosen this scene becaouse it shows us how everyday life is on the streets of five points from death to poverty and danger at all times even the children are out of control. at the begging Also this was a good way to introduce JennyEverdeane (Cameron Diaz) at the begging signaling that she is going to play an important role in the movie. In this scene Johnny (Henry Thomas) explains and shows Amsterdam (Leonardo DiCaprio)  the different gangs that are around from new ones to old ones and what their characteristics are from the way they start problems and steal and kill.

Amsterdam then questioned Johnny about what had happened to the gang his father was in. Johnny then responds to Amsterdam you dont say that name dyed with you they have been outlawed and that Amsterdam had heard from a gang that the Natives an American gang that the dead rabits lost to celebrate their victory every year and johnny responds with yes but youd have to be invited in order to go.

Assignment #1 Edison and early cinema

Thomas Edison was very well known for many invention but the one that we all remenber the most is the light bulb but who knew he also went into creating machines that could also create motion pictures working together with his partner dickson who was really the mastermind behind this work as Edison provided him the the fasility to further his invetnion. Dickson was resonsible for the creation of the kinetograph this machine syncronized film projection with sound of a phonograph.leading to the rise of motion pictures.


imgreslater on in 1895 there the lumiere brothers that where interested in this technology then leading them to invent a machine for themself called the cinematograph combing the ability to print, camera and projector all at the same time.32434_2