Assignment #10 by Jethro Jean-Charles

Ale personality is similar to many young children in urban environments. These children are forced to grow-up faster due to unfortunate circumstances. As a society we usually praise children that are able to find their way and rise from those movements. Never thinking how those movements may take a toll on a child so young. Even though I still respect the way  Ale went about striving to provide a better life for his sister and himself it is admirable.chop-shop-movie

Extra Credit: Penny Arcade by Jethro Jean-Charles

2. Penny Photo by Jasmine Hirst_copy

The discussion with guest speaker, Penny Arcade was very inspirational. She covered many topics from life advice, such as following and organizing your dreams, as well as film advice, such as allowing your creative juices to flow freely, knowing what your strong suit is, e.g. editing, screenplay, etc. One of the most important things I took away from Penny’s presentation is to never allow anyone to stifle my goals. Someone who isn’t in the field, or share the same creative aspirations, may bring on stress, or negative criticism. There are many artists who allow other’s criticism to stifle their dreams, or keep them from realizing who they can be. These criticisms may come from a place of misunderstanding, lack of knowledge in the field, or simply from not having a creative mind. These criticisms can limit someone from becoming the next great movie star, director, writer, painter or other creative role.

Assignment #9 by Jethro Jean-Charles

UnknownRoles for women have drastically changed for the better in recent years. No more are women relegated to the “house wife,” “secretary,” or “nurse.” Women are now in roles as “doctors,” “lawyers,” and in Orange Is The New Black’s case,“dangerous felons.”

our-favorite-hair-moments-from-season-3-of-hbos-girlsWhile watching Girls, it was great to see a group of young women, who were coming of age, and simply trying to figure life out. Orange Is The Black is a huge step in women’s roles on television, albeit it being available on paid subscription service, Netflix. We rarely get to see women in such roles such as prisoners and felons.

Assignment #8 by Jethro Jean-Chares

1335796318_visitorThe Visitors was a film that shows that lines between worlds are able to intertwine as long as there is common ground. The movie was a breathe of fresh air. We reside in a world that tends to focus more on our differences, and the hate rather than our similarities. These thoughts are often passed on to our fellow man, generations over. The film showed how simple these similarities can be. In The Visitors, it was their love of rhythm, sound and music. It was a heartwarming film at the core, and showed the many layers of humanity. An additional aspect of the film were the realistic struggles of those not born in America, but chose to come to America for a better life for themselves and their family. As an American citizen, one can often become ignorant to the plight of the foreigner that comes here for a better life. It’s movies like The Visitor that puts these stories into perspective. Overall, I would say that this is a great film for those trying to understand the lines between love, hate and finding that middle ground.


Assignment #7 “NY Media Center” by Jethro Jean-Charles

The trip to Media Center was very informative, a very apt discussion for anyone who may be pursuing an opportunity in the entertainment, video game and digital marketing industries. The hardest part about these industries will be getting your foot in the door. Many people think that as long as you work hard, get great grades, a job in the field of your choice will be waiting for you after graduation. Unfortunately, that is not usually the case. As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know.” Networking and making the right connections, is as important, if not more important than getting an A in one of your mandated courses for your degree.

The Media Center provides the type of community and start-up environment that fosters relationship building, and enables you to build your network. Since the discussion centered on marketing, digital and television, I wasn’t sure that I would get anything from it. As the discussion progressed, I started to realize how important the digital landscape is to marketing and television, and how important it will be to me as I begin to navigate my career. I was very thankful for the experience and know that what the three speakers discussed will help contribute to my future goals.

Assignment #6 “Do The Right Thing!” by Jethro Jean-Charles

do-the-right-thing-dvd-cover-15“Do the Right Thing,” is a film written and directed by Spike Lee that tackles many topics. These include racism, stereotypes, gentrification, police brutality, parenthood and relationships in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. I consider “Do The Right Thing,” a classic, one of Spike Lee’s best movies, however, the movie is often glossed over due to the people who are controlling mainstream media. In the movie, Lee holds nothing back in his depictions of what members of the black community face growing up in America. Lee’s hope was to open discussions of racism, something that is not often covered in Hollywood movies. During those times, what was usually covered by mainstream films, was a notion that if you worked hard, loved your family, did well, you would achieve the American dream, become anything you want to be.

Lee’s, “Do The Right Thing,” is truer to the post-slavery/post-Civil Rights Movement America. Where certain races are able to live peaceful lives, with abundant opportunities, a judicial system that works in their favor, while others, mostly black Americans aren’t afforded that luxury. The most interesting thing about the movie is that even though it was filmed in 1989; the movie draws many similarities to present day. It’s as if Lee’s desire for the film to spark discussions about racism were never realized. “Do The Right Thing,” can be examined from many different perspectives: racism, the state of minority communities, police brutality, and the effect gentrification has on minorities, but the reality is, the importance of the topics the movie raises, have never been realized. This may have been because it was too early for America to deal with this type of movie, or because it was from a black director that may have had too much of a narrow view of race in America.