Assignment #10 Chop Shop- Bianca Williams

Chop Shop is a gritty, unpredictable, street smart, survival type of movie. Alejandro is a streetsmart young orphan that lives to make sure him and his older sisiter have what they need. Alejandro’s older sister helps get income by seling herself, while he works at a body shop. This is not a  typical , movie that I would watch but it is extremely interesting ang engaging.

It is hard for adults to survive being homeless or on the streets, so for children its ten times worse, Their actions of survival  is way beyond their years, and this is because of their need to make it in the streets and because of their circumstances that are more against them than for them. In the beginning of the film Alejandro and his sister had big dreams of having a food truck and working for themselves. But as life became harder those dreams disappeared and Alejandro began to steal to make ends meet and his sister went in to the business of seling her body.


assignment #8 – “the visitor” bianca williams

” The Visitor ”  was an incrediby eye opening movie, even though it was filmed a couple of years ago, it touched and focused on so many issues that we face today.  ” The Visitor” centered around a midde aged man named Walter Valle whos routine was always the same and he was not all for change. One weekend he had to travel to NYC for a conference, and while their he would stay at his appartment he had not been to in years.

To his surprise as he enters his apartment their is a woman and a man that are living their. Both parties are shock to see each Walter explained to Zanib and  Tarek that this is his apartment and how did they get in their. Tarek explained that a friend of his rented the place to them and they have only been their for about two months and explained that they would leave. The exited the apartment and as Walter went ouside he saw them agian and felt bad for them and let them come bacxk into the apartment and told hem that they could stay until they found a place.

Through the midst of it all Tarek and Walter were becoming very good friends. One day as Walter and Tarek was boarding the train Tarek was stopped by cops because they thought that he was jumping the turnstyle. He was then taking to jail, walter went to see him and found out about his immigration status.  Tareks mother sfter not hereing from him for a week shows up at the apartment, she is greeted by Walter who later explains the sitation to her.

This movie has shed light on a abundance of issues steming from love, drama, cultural, immigration, family, and so many issues we all face in the twenthieth century. I love that even though this ,movie was filmed in 2007 it feels like it is telling a story about the age we all live in now.

Penny Arcade Extra Credit- Bianca Williams

Upon entering the theater, my mind was fixcated on who is Penny Arcade? As I entered the drack theater their was a video playing on the large screen already, with different directors talking about their experiences. As that video ended a small petite red head woman stood in front of the class, thats when I said to myself that could be no one other than thee Penny Arcade.

The moment she opened her mouth to speak I knew I was gonna need to absorb all the information she was given. Penny began to talk about her experiences and how she came to being in this business. Penny Arcade is a performer of her own show, that she writes and stars in, thats she performs in diffeent locations. She began her journes over 20 years ago, and she said how people did not believe that she wanted this to be her profession.  But she said that did not stop her, she continued to follow her dreams and passion, her success did not come overnight but she worked extremely hard at it and never stpped.

Pennys energy , positivity, ambition has taught me no matter what others say or think of what you should be doing make sure it makes you happy. She began on her journey not knowing where it would take her, but she never gave upbecause it was her passion and knew that it was what she wanted to do. I am so happy I decided to do this extra credit because it showed me and gave me the confidence to never doubt my dreams and ambitions.

Assignment #6- Do the right thing

” Do the right thing” by Spike Lee was an inspirational piece of genius to me. ” Do the right thing” embodied what the title really stood for.  The movie was filmed in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, on one of the hottest days of the year. This film was all filmed in a 24 hr period in a few block radius of a neighborhood.

Sal an Italian- American who owned a pizzeria in the neighborhood , had his two sons working for him and Mookie, who was a favorite amongst everyone in the neighborhood. One of the pizzerias regulars came to the shop at closing, when he looked on the wall and motioned to Sal how come he didn’t have any african american people on the wall. Sal explained to him that it was his shop and he could do as he pleased. Before you knew it, things were getting out of control, and he began to flood the streets spreading this news and getting people to be on board with him.

It was extremely sad when things took a turn for the worst, everyone arguing, looting and screaming. But Sal did not quite understand the aggression and what it was for. The community was fighting for their rights. You could have your business and take our money but we are not good enough to be on the wall.

Assignment #7 – Media Center – Bianca williams

I have lived in Brooklyn my whole life, and visit the dumbo area quite frequent and to my surprise I have never stumbled across the Media Center. This trip was a great experience because as a Media Studies major it feels sometime that their is only one path to go. But the class and tour director really put things into perspective for me as far as where this career path can take you whether you want to be behind the lens, editing, color correction and so much more.

The highlight of the trip for me was when we went into the theater room , upon entering it is a very nice and cozy well put together room with it red chairs. I didn’t quite understand when entering the room the amount of knowledge I was about to receive. On the panel were three VP’s from Espn, Music choice, and Mtv. Their over view and expertise on where technology with tv is today and where they see it going was so phenomenal. I have never even thought about it that far or that in depth, the strategic planning and master mines behind it all was just incredible. From this experience and this trip I know am more engaged with expanded my career in the media field.

Assignment #5 Iris- Bianca Williams

Iris Apfel is a fashion icon that has perfected the art of fashion that spans over decades. Watching the documentory Iris was very inspirational because Iris is a full of life woman to watch. I enjoyed every bit of the documentary from her strong work ethic at her age, to her ability to book and know all of the engagements she is suppose to attend. The documentary not only just shows the life of Iris is captures the life of everyone around her and how she effects them with her larger than life personality. It captures how the love between her and her husband is stranger than ever after so many years in such an amazing light that gives us all hope.  Iris inspires me to never give up on my dreams, goals and ambitions because at any age it can be achieved. From Iris’s signature glasses to her specialty made shoes you can not only see her creativity, but you feel it as well.

Bianca Williams- Hester st. Assignment #4

The Hester Street film was released in 1975, which followed a Russian Jew named Yankel Bogovnik. Yankel who arrived in the United States three years earlier was living in the Lower East Side of New York City mainly near Hester St. where most of the Russian Jews migrated to. Studying English Yankel had comforted himself not only to the American lifestyle but also by trying to be American himself, and by doing that he changed his name to Jake, and then removed his beard.

Jake soon finds a job as a seamster, in which the money he earns is saved and sent back home for his wife and son the come to America as well. While attending a local dance academy one night Jack meets a dancer named Mamie fein, and in no time he begins to fall for her. Jack soon finds out that Gitl and his son Yossele are indeed coming to America and he is very excited. But when Gitl and Yossele arrive Jacks whole demeanor changes because of Gitl appearance, it is not quite as Americanized as his or the other woman that live in his community.

As time goes on Jack grows further away from Gitl, but still puts up a facade in public like everything is ok except to Mamie because he loves her. Gitl even tries to impress Jack a couple of times by changing up her look, but nothing seems to work. Mr. Bernstein who soon moves into Jakes home shows Yossele how to read and write and that impresses Gitl a great deal that he takes his time with her son more than his own father does.

One of the most memorable quotes in this movie was the one their neigbor Mrs. Kavarsky says, which is  “You can’t pee up my back and make me think it’s rain”. That was directed specifically for Jake meaning, it doesn’t matter how hard you try to talk, dress, or even act like an American you will always be a Russian Jew.