Bianca Williams- Assignment 3 “Regeneration”

Regeneration” revolves around Owen, who becomes an orphan at an early age when his mother passes away. Owen was taking in by his next door neighbors, who raised  him , but because Jim’s excessive drinking Owen his soon on his own and out on the street at age 17. While in the streets Owen got a job chopping ice where her met another gangster named Skinny. Being on the street Own constructs his own gang and by age 25 it becomes a huge gang where they do a lot of gambling and drinking.  the world and environment that Owen is living in is dark, dirty, and very gloomy.

As Owen is doing his everyday gang banging activities, a new girl moves into town, named Marie. Owen is so infatuated with Maria, and soon falls for her. Refusing to let maria know his love for her, he begins to just visit her quarters to get educated and learn since Maria is a teacher and social worker. This starts to give Owen a different outlook on life and his choices in life that we was making.  As Owen is accompanying Maria on a trip Skinny conjures up some bad things that he plans of executing. Ultimately Maria is killed at the hands of skinny, while skinny was aiming for Owen.   Owens got saved from a life of horror and crime because of his time spent with Maria, it showed him that some one could care about him so why couldn’t he do the same. At the end I knew he was really save and changed when on Maria’s dying bed she asks Owen to promise to not do any revenge, in which he did as promised.


Assignment 2- Gangs of New York – Bianca Williams

My favorite scene in the moving was in the beginning, the opening sequence. This is my favorite scene in the movie because it was very angelic, full of morals, life lessons, the teachings of a father to a son and it showed true to the statement ” it takes a village, to raise a child”.

In the opening sequence little Amsterdam is watching his dad shaving his beard. As his dad is shaving his beard he cuts himself, and his dad hands the blade to him and amsterdam proceeds to clean the blade because it had blood on it and , his dad stops him and states you never clean the blood off the blade, and that one day he will understand why. To me that symbolizes that you never clean the blood off the blade so you can always remember where that blood came frrom, or whos blood it was. Also so that way you also/never repeat the same mistake again, because anytime blood is shown for the most part it symbolizes pain, and hurt.

It was an excellent depliction of a father and son relationship. The teachings, understandings, memories, and example that a father bestows upon his son. They soon begin to walk through the grounds of the facility where everyone is moving out the way so the can walk through and following behind them. You can see as they are walking Amsterdam is walking with pride just like his father even though he is just a young boy. This gives Amsterdam early on a sense of pride not only for himsef but for his people because that is what is father was fighting for. This also deplicted with the saying ” it takes a village to raise a child”, because as they are walking they were not only greeting the father but little Amsterdam as well, which mean they respected and knew him just as much as the dad, and cared and nurtured him just as much as their own.

Edison and early cinema Assignment 1- Bianca williams

Edisons vision for the kinetograph and the kinetoscope were set very high. Edison thought there was money to be made with the kinetograph, which was the recorder and the kinetoscope which was the viewer. He didn’t think people would just want to sit in audiences to see an image on a screen, which was the norm.
Edison’s view and strategy changed overtime to constantly fighting for control of “his” movie industry due to the competition from companies like American Mutoscope and Biograph. To take back his control Edison would harass others, and buy patents from anyone he thought was a threat to his company.
The patent wars that Edison initiated stopped other companies from competing with him because once there company came close to what Edison’s company was doing he would file a law suit against them forcing those companies to have to change there names or find new inventions. But later on in the 1908 a lot of the companies banded together including the Edison Film Manufacturing Company who led it all, to come together and work cooperative instead of competing against one another.