Assignment #10 “Chop Shop” – Lauren Viera

Chop Shop was a very interesting movie. It definitely showed another side of reality for some people that are going through struggles the way Alejandro and Isamar struggled. With no parents around they did what they could to make a living. Isamar becoming a prostitute and Alejandro hustling and stealing any way that he can. It was definitely sad to watch. But I found it crazy and interesting that even though Ale was younger than Isamar, he seemed to be the one that was more mature and older in how he was so focused in making money and living better. Isamar was more about hanging with her friends and having fun. Ale was only 12 years old and was trying to make a living any way he could. Helping at the car shops, selling candy, stealing and hustling. Nothing stopped him, and he was very careful with his money. He made sure to save whatever he made. He was a very smart and intelligent kid even though he never finished school. I do with they gave more of a background story of what happened to their parents and why they were living the way did. There were a lot of questions that I had throughout the movie. I wish they showed more of their history as well as whether or not they get out of the struggle.



Assignment #9 Women in TV – Lauren Viera

I think Orange is the New Black, is one of the first shows that woman are the main point of view without the want of a male figure in their life. For example, Girls, these ladies continue to look for love and sex. Unlike Orange is the New Black. And I believe it is the first where they show different types of woman from race, ethnicity and of different size. Society now is all about showing model figures and having to show the world that a slim body is what you need. But I like Orange is the New Black, because in this show it seems everyone is comfortable in their own skin and comfortable with living how they want to live. Everybody’s story was different in this show and I loved that they showed different lives and different points of views throughout the season. It was great to see the different woman that were imprisoned and what they did to be in there, but also to see the relationships built within the prison. It shows a lot of love, happiness and sadness, and their comfort with each other.

Girls was different. They were trying to find happiness with work, and wanting to find love in men. They relied solely on finding their comfort in men and having sex with them. This kind of made the men in this show more dominant and showed that women cant live without men in my opinion. Which was not like Orange is the New Black at all. Maybe that is because its only shown the life inside this female prison.


Assignment #8 “The Visitor” – Lauren Viera

The Visitor was a very inspiring and touching movie. It touches the strings of your heart to the subjects of love, friendship and music. It was amazing to see the growth in their friendship from when they first encountered each other in the Professors home to when Tarek was deported. Tarek made a great impact in Walter’s life with music and friendship. In the beginning, Walter was a lonely man who did not do much but when he encountered Tarek and his girlfriend in his home, Walter showed them kindness in letting them stay in his home. When doing that, Walter began to grow close to Tarek with music being the center of it. Tarek taught him how to play the drum and brought him out of his comfort zone. Walter began to do things he has never done, all because of the friendship he had with Tarek. It was the music that brought them together and it was the music that brought Walter back to life.


Assignment #7 “Trip To Made In New York Media Center” – Lauren Viera

It is pretty cool that there is a place you are able to go to for work space and creativity. Not only are you offered some new open work space, other than your home, but the fact that they give classes that you are able to go to and gain knowledge from for members is pretty cool. I loved how big and open the center was, as well as the different types of art and films all over. As for the “Bridge Series” discussion “Stay Tuned – Keeping Viewers Connected 24/7,” I thought it was pretty interesting. I didn’t get to stay for the whole interview but what I was able to hear was interesting. Its true that people are straying away from television now that our phones, tablets and other devices have all our entertainment for easy access. Making apps for their channels and showing things through the apps would be ideal for the decade we live in now.

Assignment #6 “Do The Right Thing” – Lauren Viera

In the movie “Do the Right Thing,” Spike Lee showed us a side of racism that seems, in my opinion, very familiar to some of the things that we still see today. We are shown many different characters with different races in Brooklyn, NY. Mookie, the pizza delivery man, an African American, was shown to have different relationships with all the characters and races showed in this movie. He works for Sal, the Italian pizza shop owner and his two sons. Working with them, he has grown very close to Sal, to the point where Sal even called him one of his own towards the end of the movie. But Mookie also dates a hispanic woman who he has a kid with. As well as has his African American friends, Radio Raheem who is friend. Radio Raheem blasts his boom box all day long. We also see a korean family who own a grocery store right across from Sals pizzeria. All the characters are different in personality and race and have their own set of morals and way of living.


What sets the story in action is the appearance of the character Buggin’ Out, who comes into the pizzeria wanting an African American on the wall of fame. He begins a boycott against Sals Pizzeria and gets Radio Raheem to walk with him on this movement to get Sals Pizzeria out of the neighborhood. And that is when it all began. When they walked into the pizzeria, all hell breaks loose, with Radio Raheem blasting his music in the shop, Sal gets to a point where he cant take it and smashes Radio Raheem’s boom box. They end up getting into a fist fight and as Radio Raheem is choking Sal, to the point of him almost dying, the cops come to take him off and end up killing Radio Raheem. This brings anger out of eveyone, including Mookie and the riots begin.

The racism doesnt seize to stop, the cops were racist and loved Sal. It was sad to see what they did to Radio Raheem. It was sad to see that it had to get to that point. It should never have to get to that point. And it is sad that we still have cops that are racist. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “Violence as a way of achieving racial justice is both impractical and immoral. It is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. The old law of an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding; it seeks to annihilate rather than to convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends by defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.”

Assignment #5 “Iris” – Lauren Viera

The documentary got my interest from the very beginning, before seeing the film. When seeing the trailer, I was intrigued to see a different side of fashion from such an iconic lady such as Iris Apfel. Iris Apfel is unique and has such an amazing personality. I loved feeling the warmth of her character in this film. I feel like Albert Maysles did an amazing job in showing the world who Iris Apfel is, not only in the fashion world, but even as a regular human being with her husband that she has been with for more than 6 decades. It was amazing to see the life they have together from their early ages into now. It was amazing to see that they still are infatuated with each other after all these years. I thought they were the cutest ever in this film. The both of them are very unique. In the way they have their apartment filed with toys and animals. It was very different and welcoming.

What made Iris Apfel the quintessential New Yorker and the worldly sophisticate that embraced fashion and style was just the openness and comfortability that she has. She never conformed to what the new trends were in the fashion world. She was very unique, with a very different taste, and style that nobody has really seen before. She doesn’t care what people think about her or what people think about what she wears, she’s happy and comfortable with her style. We got to see the energy she brought to the fashion world and it was great to see. Iris Apfel is definitely a trail blazer.

Assignment #3 by Lauren Viera

Owen Conway had a rough upbringing. With his mother dying when he was just 10 years old, he was taken in by an abusive neighbor where he then ends up running away. As he grew up, at age 25 he became the leader of a gang. And this is the world that Owen and Skinny knew. Being gang members was their life and their world basically. The gang was their family and they didn’t have much outside of that gang. They grew up in violence and an unstable living which resulted to their own violence and gang related quarrels.

imagesThe turning point for Owen was when he met Marie. Owen has always been someone who remembered his past based on how people were being treated around him. When Marie came into his life, she showed him better manners and showed him from what was right and what was wrong. Because of her personality, I believe that is what brings out the real Owen. The nice guy hiding behind the anger and violence. Marie begins to educate him in different areas and from this education is another reason why Owen and Skinny went separate ways. Meaning as Skinny stood in the gang, Owen was being educated and getting a better life outside of it. Owen fell in love with Marie and love can make you change your ways.