The Chelsea Gallery Trip

     I went to a another Gallery that we were looking at almost like documents and different type of language art that Patrick Faigenbaum researched at Kolkata/Calcutta. That he took pictures on Shreyasi Chatterjee and showed of her type of demonstration of her culture art and Patrick took many pictures of how they lived in and what they lived in. I went to see a couple of artists designs but the one that caught my attention was the Dream House that three different artist’s worked on, La Monte Young, Marian, Zazeela, and Jung Hee Choi. What they created was a Sound and Light environment that it is a room of time installation measured that has a setting of continuous frequencies in sound and light. The room vibrates and a strange sound of waves that will go high or low. It felt like a room that you can meditate your body of motion feeling and hearing of your self. The atmosphere of the room is dark blue and mostly purple to change your emotions and your behavior of making you feel like it is nighttime or something different that could cause you negativity or some kind of yoga.



I never watch these kinds of shows that I don’t know what to think but if I would pick an opinion of it I guess these kinds of films may have definitely change of women Film shows. The film of “Girls” is definitely showing how daily life can happen and/or reveal in real life. As years past people start to be more open and teenagers are participating into adult life more. To me seeing how the new generation is changing quickly and technology is progressing, I would see how technology is what’s making every generation change and includes people as well. As well the internet exposes a lot of information that it can also cause of a behavior change. So to film showing how generation on film and acting is becoming different too. That film now has been revealing more on behavior, emotions, and more body exposures. That now there is less privacy and films going a lot on sexual activity. The film of “Girls” wanted to how 4 women and other people around them is going to physical experience in life of adulthood. Which you can a lot of love and hate in the film. Another film was “Orange is The New Black” that shows what it looks like for a person to be in jail and see what they call “hell”. That there is a lot of sexual activity in jail that a normal person wouldn’t want to be in or live in forever. That the film shows what women see’s in a prison and it is not a place you want to live in. I know many televisions and movies in the future is going to change. Also it is going to be more activities on sexuality and love behavior which worries me of how much they are going to show for kids and teenagers of adult life and activities.


The film called “The Visitor” directed and written by Thomas McCarthy is about a story of a man named Walter who has been living for a long time, teaches 1 class in college, writing a book, and is depressed. Walter is depressed because he has lost his wife who was a piano player and famous. As we see Walter wants to learn the piano by taking piano lessons but still doesn’t satisfy himself of enjoyment. When he went back to New York to finish his book in his house he met two people (Terek and Zainab) that were intruding his apartment. As they started to leave Walter saw African drums and they were immigrants that are living in Manhattan. Walter allowed them to stay to at least give them time to find another home. As Walter gets very interested in Terek’s African Drums, he would start to like to try himself and later started to take lessons by Terek. Walter also liked of her art designs as she was doing a Senegalese street vendor. The more Terek was teaching Walter about African Drums, the more he liked, enjoyed, and became an opening person of having fun. One day Terek got arrested by the police officers from being found out that he is an illegal immigrant. Walter tries to get Terek out from the detention center as quickly as possible. As we see Terek’s mother, Mouna, comes to find out what’s happening her son, she joins and lives with Walter to hep get Terek out. We see how Walter has change that he wants to help Terek as his best friend at the same time help Mouna and Zainab of getting him back. Soon Walter gets a called that something has happened to Terek. When he arrives to the detention center he finds out that he was departed back to Syria. We see how it angers and frustrates Walter that it was not fair that Terek was departed that he didn’t do anything wrong and he will not see him again. As Mouna and Zainab are leaving to go back in Syria we see how Walter is sad to have failed and sad to see his enjoyable life is gone back to being a boring lonely life. But we see now that he stills has the African Drums to enjoy what he likes to play and listen that himself is now more open and sociable.

The Film to me was amazing and great of how meeting new things can change you and can make find something enjoyable. That the film of way seeing that some illegal immigrants are not all bad. That taking them away when they had done nothing wrong is unfair and unacceptable. I wish that there could have been a way of seeing a good happy ending instead of watching Walter being alone again. But I liked how the movie showed of how a boring life can be changed just by meeting a few people and seeing what they make or show is what can also make you a happier person. A way of saying to pursuit of happiness.


To me the trip was okay I guess. That there is a lot of film editors, photographies, computer designers, web designs, and animations that it definitely represents the New Media of how we are using technology a lot. I can see how people can go there to create a big company and show something new. Seeing the interview of the “Bridge Series” discussion “Stay Tuned – Keeping Viewers Connected 24/7″ was I guess okay. I can see they are talking about television of how we use it and now is changing can be a conflict and a change to their job. That now people are using the phones a lot more and because of that ESPN, Music Choice, MTV, and other programs want to use the phones as a way for their company on apps. The thing is I never watched their shows or even listen to them so I don’t know what they do or talk about much. But I can see that technology is changing our lives and I can see they are going to use television as a way to keep using and upgrading. That using phones, laptops, and the iPads is way to see their shows and post things that they like to talk about. I remember they like to to use Twitter to post things that are happening and/or displaying to keep viewers interested.


The film of “Do The Right Thing” written and directed by Spike Lee shows a lot between the racism of black and white. The film showed a lot with poverty and heat. A main character that I saw was a teenager named Mookie who lives with his sister, Jade. Mookie has a girlfriend, Tina, and a son and is trying to help them with the money and trying to live easy in New York. Mookie also works in a Pizzeria store and he does delivery. He works with an Italian American worker, Sal, with his two sons, Pino and Vito. Pino doesn’t get along with black people and hates living in the area. Vito doesn’t care and he enjoys having Mookie as his friend. You get to see how the whites and blacks treat each other on the way they behave, communicate, and socialize. As you see conflicts happen between the two race, they are always yelling, cursing, and violence. Mookie just wants to work and do well so he can get some money for his family. In the end, it got worse that we see Sal had a fight with “Radio Raheem” and as the cops showed up from separate them we see that the cops killed Raheem by choking him. The neighborhood goes wild and rage of seeing the white cops did made them destroy Sal’s Pizzeria store. That in the morning we see Mookie still asking Sal for his pay and as Sal gives it to him angry that Mookie has betrayed him. The story ends with Malcolm X and Martin Luther King shaking hands on a photo.

In my opinion of the movie I guess it was okay but I can see a similarity of what is happening this year and the conflicts that has happen in real life. I guess the film was showing a lot of how how other race treats each other. To me I don’t like to see films of different race fighting each other and/or killing each other. I have friends that are from other cultures and I don’t have any problems with them. Seeing a film of hate on racism is too strong for me to think about.


My first impression of the film was that I knew it was going to be someone amazing and interesting. When I watched the film’s background it was indeed going into Iris life and seeing her talented work on dressing clothes with different types of culture designs and different colors of bracelets. Not only that she like to put things with big or small glasses and a good fashion hat that stands out the color of the clothes. Iris is also is like a comedian that she likes to make things that are funny. Hearing her opinions is what also impressed me on how she likes her way of designing with clothes and materials because it is what she loves to create and makes her happy. That she does not hate on other people’s wear of clothes of what they like to dress up and design because it is what they like. Iris and her husband has been living to together for a long time and they are both funny when they are together. I say the film that showed Iris’s life and her inspiration ways of how she does with with clothes design is amazing and incredible. That indeed is a great film to at least show at least a little bit of who she is and her life but her talented work.

Iris Apfel was a very talented designer on clothes fashion. She has been used on several museums exhibitions and many advertising campaigns. Iris was also in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City that also she was the oldest cover star ever to grace “Dazed & Confused. Also Iris has studied many arts in her career to become of what she is now on fashion designs in New York. She also once said that her material designs are “classic but over the top” to the London Evening Standard. Iris has done so many proposal designs that she has done a couple of designs at the White House for nine presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Nixon, Kennedy, Johnson, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton. That even in her old age she still have her ways to impress and lighten her point of view on dresses that she creates and glow.


To me I thought it was one of those movies that is about racism. My reaction is that I knew it was going to be a romance but a situation between the race of black and white. When I started to see that their was a romance going on I thought it was going to be a life situation between the family of the two brothers and a sister. Then when I saw the sister wanted to introduce her boyfriend to her brother, his reaction and mood change. The film was showing how New York City was in 1950s. I think the director had a good set of mood of how New York life was and how people treat and behave. This was also after World War II when people were celebrating, happy, but still on the racism. I guess maybe the director wants to see the reaction on how people reacts ob the film that it sets on the mood between two different race.