Assignment #10 Chop Shop[ Omar. Elbadawi ]

The movie was about Ale a 12 year old brother and Isamar 16 year old sister who live in a small room over an auto shop. There are no parents, they are on their own surviving. Ali makes a money by stealing auto parts, selling DVDs and selling candy on the subway. Izzie supplements her income working a food truck and by selling herself to truck drivers . They are trying to make money to buy their own truck.
The dream which is about owning and running a small business of their own, But their dream is threatened by the hard truths of life, work, and one another, the children find themselves forced to make the kinds of difficult decisions that most adults never have to face.

In this environment or this days life becomes more harder for many people, a lot of rich men just ignore the people who really want to work but they ignore those people and choose the people who have money so they can not ask for more income. People has to wake up and to start helping each other at least people can be all the same level or even not homeless, but all i got to say that it’s not going to happen due to the selfishness of people because all they care is to have more and more money.

Something i realize in this life is that If you give the whole’s world money to someone its not going to be enough for him or her.


Assignment #9 Omar.Elbadawi


In Orange and The new black speaking about a woman called Piper Chapman, a woman who sent to a federal women prison for a 10 year old crime she committed while in a relationship with an international drug smuggler Alex Vause . Chapman leaves behind her comfortable life with her fiance Larry for a world full of drug addicts, murderers, and prostitutes.Chapman wasted no time making enemies with her privilege. First up was Red, the kitchen leader, a bad cooker and a leader to many of the girls in the prison .Things started  to get worse for Piper when she realize that Alex Vause her international drug dealing ex-girlfriend and reason she’s in this whole mess to begin with was also doing her time at the same prison.


In “girls” Hannah throws a housewarming party with brand new roommate or Elijah, but it’s hard to move on when she’s still playing nurse to Adam. She want to leave him but she can’t because she waiting until he is capable to take care of him self then she leave. and adam still talking rude to he and the way he speak to her is like he controlling her as a husband. Finally i want to say that people have to respect women for what they do because women are important role in this life, without them there is no life.

Assignment#8 “The Visitor” Omar.Elbadawi

The Visitor movie is one of the most touching and impressive i have ever watch in which showing how a closed off professor’s heart is opened by music, friendship, and love. Our lives can be automatically changed by the small choices we make. Some movies show the barriers that keep people and especially strangers apart from each other. This one dares to celebrate the deep human connections which can be forged out of racial, cultural, and religious differences. Best of all, music is the such amazing wave that lifts the spirit and brings people together in new and interesting ways as happened in the movie in the central park.  

Assignment # 7 – Trip to Made In New York Media Center( Omar.Elbadawi)

First of all to he honest programing system is not an easy thing to get used with its need someone staying alot of time and alot of experiments to get the thing you want to. I want to say that the differant between the social media before and now a very huge differant and if you look for the time between them you will find that the social media every year become better that because of the programmers until they get a new idea and compile it and make the program it takes while maybe between 6 to 12 month.

About the MTv app i think it will take while because they will think of something that to make people active and stay tuned 24/7 with the app which will not be easy because there is many app of music are having a big number of users such as sound cloud, vevo, spoify. so Mtv has to make an app with many good requirments that can attract the people and make them active 24/7 and im sure they will do it but not now like we have to wait more time. 

about Music choice they already the best channel or radio channel on tv world but some people if you ask them do you know music choice channel they are like what is this that because its marketing is weak and there is no strong advetient for it so they have to do one to spread thier channel in the market. 

about Espn i have no reviews because i see it perfect untill now.

Assignment # 6 – Do The Right Thing, ( Omar.Elbadawi )

On one hot summer day in the neighborhood of Brooklyn, residents battle despair, joblessness, discrimination, and each other. Blame is everywhere, anger spreads. collection of volatile characters of diverse ethnic backgrounds, including the owner of a pizzeria and his sons, a local disc jockey, a pizza delivery man, a single unwed mother, and many others, interact as tensions escalate and ultimately erupt in a nightmare of violence and destruction.


The neighborhood is black, but two of the businesses aren’t. Sal’s Famous Pizzeria has been on the same corner since before the neighborhood changed, and Sal boasts that “these people have grown up on my pizza.” And in a nearby storefront that had been boarded up for years, a Korean family has opened a fruit and vegetable stand. Nobody seems to quite know the Koreans, but Sal and his sons are neighborhood fixtures, they know everybody, and everybody knows them.


Radio Raheem was the most prideful of anyone else’s beliefs. He sported a shirt that recognized his town of brooklyn, he was always playing a radical song that questioned authority, and he always expressed his love for others he cared about, such as when he tells Mookie that he respects him. He is just like any of the other characters in the film, he feels inferior to the successful non blacks in the community but he just expresses himself much more loudly. Radio Raheem has difficulty coinciding with other people that don’t feel the same way as him and he struggles finding the difference between the good aspects of life and the bad ones.

Do the Right Thing is not filled with brotherly love, but it is not filled with hate, either. It comes out of a weary, urban sarcasm that has settled down around us in recent years. The good feelings and many of the hopes of the 1960s have evaporated, and today it no longer would be accurate to make a movie about how the races in American are all going to love one another. I wish we could see such love, but instead we have deepening class divisions in which the middle classes of all races flee from what’s happening in the inner city, while a series of national administrations provides no hope for the poor. “Do the Right Thing” tells an honest, unsentimental story about those who are left behind.

Assignment#5 ” IRIS Apfel” , Omar.Elbadawi

Some people in this life are rare to find, they are like a rare jewel to find like you can not find it except in one place or a part of this place. Iris Apfel is An amazing women who can make the old women still has a chance in their life and she is a leader of the fashion in Nyc for me in the world and i bet that many people in the world wants to meet her to learn about her fashion and how the style is.

I like the part when she said “They all live in this red carpet bubble,hey think you have to be a designer or merchandiser. But there’s all kinds of fabulous parts of fashion about which they know nothing, like licensing or trend forecasting. I bring them to New York for a week and take them to the top echelon of people in the field to learn from them and the students tell me it’s a life changing experience.”  she shows how much experience she have about fashion staff and i wish there will be a people like her.

Iris is about much more than what we see on the surface, no matter how dazzling that surface may be. Apfel and her colossal feats of accessorizing have been featured in countless magazine spreads, and museum shows have been assembled from her decade-spanning collection of clothes and accessories. . Apfel sometimes packs more into a day than younger, sturdier souls might attempt in a week, and people who care about fashion adore her at least partly for her classic New York frankness.


finally i want to say that We need more people like Iris Apfel. She’s an anti-minimalist who wears colors and keeps her stuff on view in her apartments as testament to her memories.

Assignment#4 _Hester Street, Omar.Elbadawi

A Russian Jew just emigrated to the United States three years earlier and has settled where many of his background have, namely on Hester Street on the Lower East Side of New York City. He has experienced to American life, learned English, changed his name to Jake, and shaved off his beard. He was working at a $12/week job as a Tailor, the money he earned was to be able to bring his wife Gitl and his son Yossele to Americafrom Russia.


Then when he bring them home the man who lived with them in the same room his eyes falls on Gitl and he was trying to do anything to prove to her that he love her especially when he try to show her the he is a religious man and he teach her son the religion to attract her more