Assignment #10 Chop Shop – Tenzin Rinchen


Chop Shop is really a nice movie. It tells a story about Ale who is an orphan from Queens, New York. He has a sister named Izzy. They both live in an auto repair store where Ale works. He is like the father figure to his the sister. His sister work at the food truck in an auto repair area. His sister works as a prostitute at night and Ale find out about it when he and his friend see her inside the truck with a stranger. He never tells her about it and behave normal. There is a truck they both wanted to buy and have their own business. They start to save the money and finally buys the truck, but it is so dirty that they have to change everything inside which will cost them about $10000/-.

The movie is very realistic and deals with the everyday life of the legal and illegal immigrant in New York City. We still see people at the waiting for some random people to pick up for the work. Even though child labor is illegal in New York, I think there are many who are working hiding from the law. Just like in the movie how Ale and Izzy work together to survive, there are many siblings in New York who work together to survive. Chop-Shop-Jaime-October-2012


Assignment #9 – Women’s Representation in Current Television

Orange is the new Black

oitnb (1)

Women were depicted in different avatar in television such as morally attractive, extremely sexualized, as a wife or assistant to the leading character. But these shows couldn’t do justice to women’s character in television. They are shown as supporting actors. But after watching “Orange is the new Black” I think women can perform as well as men and the show proves to be a step toward the broad media.  We see the real life experience of women who are inside the prison and who are outside.

Taylor Schilling surrenders to go to prison because she helped her lesbian partner to get the drug out from the airport. She didn’t know that her partner was a drug dealer. Now she is in prison the whole living environment is different than how she has been living with her family. She is very strong enough to surrender, but at the same time she also misses her fiancé.  Even though she needs to talk to him and share what’s happening with her inside the prison, she is strong enough to deal with the situation inside the prison. There are other characters too from different race and ethnicity group. I think if this show was more about men than women the scenes in the prison would be violent enough to kill each other. Since it is about women it shows the environment inside prison less or no violent at all. There are male characters too, but they are more of like supporting characters just like how women are cast to support men in male dominated shows. I wasn’t expecting this show to be interesting in the beginning, but I have to admit, I really like it. Would love to watch other seasons and episodes too.taylor-schilling-orangeOITNB

Assignment #8 The Visitor By Tenzin


                                                       The Visitor

The movie visitor is about Walter Vale who is a professor at one of the college in Connecticut. He looks very depressed and hopeless from the starting of the movie. I think he feels alone because his wife is no more and tries to learn piano to remember his late wife. In Manhattan he has an apartment where he has been living for 25 years. When he arrives in his apartment he encounter with Tarek and Zainab who has been living there because they were falsely place there. But Walter let them stay there. Tarek is a djembe player. Their friendship starts to grow and Walter also learns how to play djembe. Walter likes to play djembe more than piano. He learns djembe quicker than piano. One day while Tarek is mistakenly charged with subway turnstile jumping and taken to detention center in Queens. Walter hires lawyer fearing Tarek deportation. After few days Tarek’s mother arrives in New York because he has been out of contact for a while.   Eventually Walter lost and couldn’t get Tarek out of detention. He has been deported to Syria and his mother leaves the country too leaving behind Zainab and Walter alone. The-Visitor-movie-22

I really like the movie. It shows how security is so tight post 9/11 and how people are being detain if the officer suspect any suspicious activity. Talking about Tarek I think they detain him downloadbecause of his racial profile. Since most of the Muslim are at high risk, so they arrested him for the crime he didn’t commit.

Assignment #7 Tenzin Rinchen


The trip to media center was good. I really like the environment there. Being a New Media major, I think I can learn so many things there. I would definitely check their website if there is anything interesting.
The Bridge meeting was good too. It was great to hear how they are trying to stay one step ahead of every single company in media industry. Now the cell phones and tablets are something that is taking media industry by storm. Everybody wants everything on the palm of their hand, so making apps for their business is next big thing. I think we have so many opportunities in media industry.

Assignment #6 Do the Right Thing.. Tenzin Rinchen


“Do the right thing” the movie begins with hottest day of the year. The movie is about the racial conflict in the society dominate by the African American Community. Even though the neighborhood is African American Community, there are two other businesses which are not by black. There is Sal’s Famous Pizzeria which everyone knows in the neighborhood and there is Korean grocery.

In the movie we see there is love, anger, hate and discrimination. Sal’s Famous Pizzeria being in the black neighborhood has to go through many hardships everyday. Mookie tries to make peace between the characters with both love and anger.

photos for Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing feature motion picture 10th anniversary photo gallery. Stars included Spike Lee Danny Aiello Ossie Davis Ruby Dee Giancarlo Esposito John Turturro Rosie Perez  Martin Lawrence Samuel Jackson Photo by David Lee

Radio Raheem always carries around a huge boom box playing only “Fight the power”. Buggin’ out has problem with Sal about not having the photos of black heroes on the wall of his pizza store. One Buggin’ Out and Radio Raheem meets and discuss about how they are annoyed with Sal. Sal and the boys get into big argument where Sal ends up smashing Raheem’s boom box. Raheem almost kills Sal. The police arrive and Raheem is chokes to death. He dies there and the riot start after Mookie smashing the window of pizzeria with dustbin.
The movie ends with two messages one from Martin Luther King decrying violence as an “impractical and immoral” method of achieving racial justice; the other from Malcolm X, who said, “I don’t even call it violence when it’s self-defense, I call it intelligence.”

Assignment #5 By Tenzin Rinchen



Iris can be called a quintessential New Yorker because she has established herself as fashion icon unwillingly. At her age people stay home relaxing and playing with their grand-son and grand-daughter. But Iris is different, she likes to hang around the city and shop what she likes. That is why she has so many toys and fashionable collections in her apartments. She has collected so many memories along with goods she had collected. “Ms. Apfel’s style represents, to me, a dynamic and unique energy and an intense love of life.” Yes she lives the life she wanted to and she does whatever makes happy her. The energy she has at her age is quite impressive.

Her marriage life is perfect. Even though they don’t have any child they are happy together. As she said in the movie “You have to sacrifice something in-order to gain something”, so they decided not to have children. They traveled together and collected so many things along with the memories.

She is a trail blazer because if she really wanted to have a name in the fashion industry, she would not waste her time in small shops in the city. She traveled around the world not because she wanted a career as a fashion designer, but that is her passion and what she loves to do. Ultimately what she has done in her entire life is recognized and today she is called “rare bird of fashion”.

It was a different experience watching “IRIS”. I thoroughly enjoy the movie. She looks so enthusiastic and still exploring more about fashion despite her age. She also inspires others to live a life the way one wants. I would say she gives us a message that if we love doing something, just do it people will judge you anyway.

Assignment#4 by Tenzin Rinchen

The film “Hester Street” by Joan Micklin Silver is about the early life of jewish immigrants living in Hester Street. One of the immigrant happens to be Yakl who comes to America and quickly learns how the American lives. He also changes his name from Yakl to Jake to be familiar with the society he is living in. He is potray as a man who has modern education and own a business. There is a woman name Mamie, with whom jake starts to have an affair even he though he is a married man back home.Mamie also loves jake and wants to marry him. Everything is going smoothly in jake’s life until when his wife Gitl comes with their son to America. Jake take Gitl and son from the immigration to home. Although, Jake loves his son, he somehow mistreat Gitl. She don’t speak english and she faces difficulties in the society like every new immigrants. Jake take his son to show the city, but he doesn’t care about his wife. He thinks he will be humiliated in front of all if he takes her out because she is uneducated. He abuses her even when she tries to love him and take care of him. He speaks english well, so he thinks he deserve better women than Gitl. Gitl knows about his affair with other woman from her neighbor.

At the end, Gitl tries everything to save her marriage, but she could not. Eventually Jake divorce Gitl and married Mamie. Gitl also agrees to marry Bernstein who is a very faithful man. Later, Gitl, Bernstein and their son is seen walking down the street freely. Bernstein is a good man who cares about Gitl and her son. He is a religious and good man to Gitl.

In the movie we can see Yiddish is used in almost everywhere. It is also shown as a religion they practice. Also when Gitl communicates to jake and other she used Yiddish.

When Gitl’s neighbor Mrs. Kavarsky tells Jake “You can’t pee up my back and make me think it’s rain.”, she knows jake has been trying to be fully “American” and making his environment to believe him that he is an American. It can be easy to fool someone in the Lower East Side Ghetto that he is an American, but to her he is always an immigrant.