Stacy Reddy Assignment #9


In Orange is the New Black, Piper, the main character is first shown as a strong minded, higher middle class woman who entered herself in a woman’s correction facility for a crime she was involved in. Once Piper entered the facility she became this shy, know it all white girl. She depended mostly on her fiancé for everything while she was in jail such as getting her money so she could buy stuff, and to update her on the latest gossip news. Throughout the season Piper transforms from this shy woman to a much tougher person who fends for herself.


Stacy Reddy Assignment 8

I found “The Visitor” to be an inspirational film. Professor Walter Vale tried so hard to play the piano, but he failed and gave up on playing. Soon after he met Tarek and Zainab who were living in his apartment in NYC, they were also illegal immigrants. One day Walter walked in on Tarek playing his instrument and became interested in playing as well. Tarek gave Walter lessons and he got the hang of playing. When Tarek got arrested for supposedly jumping a turnstile in the subway, Walter did everything he could to not get Tarek deported back to Syria. Once Walter found out Tarek was being deported he went into the subway with the instrument and started playing loudly to take his anger out for what had happen to Tarek.

Stacy Reddy Assignment #7

The Media Center is like a huge cozy classroom which includes a cafe and a pantry. I like that anyone can go their and meet people who are interested in the same line of work. I also like that you can go to do your work, and share ideas with other people. Another thing I like is the bulletin board where you can go and make a post for people who are looking to do a project/job. Maybe one day I’ll visit and make a post on the bulletin board for someone who can do a projection on a cake.  

Assignment Five By Stacy Reddy


One of the parts in the movie that stood out to the me was when Iris had fell and broke her hips, she under went surgery without telling her husband who she has been with for six decades because she didn’t want him to stress out about it and she wanted him to concentrate on his own health rather than hers. Both Iris and her husband have a great relationship. Know matter what happens to them their both there for each other and they also take good care of one another.

Yes, Iris is a trail blazer. Iris could have been a fashion designer but instead she spends her time traveling and finding unique items that she would bring back with her and put them in the NY apartment, Miami apartment or in storage. She would also go around NYC and find items that hardly anyone would buy and make a fashion statement out of it.

Assignment Four By Stacy Reddy


Hester street, was released in 1975. It tells a story about a Russian Jew family who moved to the Lower East Side. Yankel Bogovnik, emigrated to the United States before his wife, Gitl and son, Yossele. Yankel, who calls himself “James” works as a seamster and earns 12 dollars a week. Before Yankel’s family arrived in New York, he was having an affair with a lady name Mamie. Mamie had know idea Yankel was married and had a family, she also did not know his family was moving to New York. Yankel met Mamie at a dancing academy.


The very first time Yankel saw his family, he was second guessing about bringing them to New York. Yankel wanted his family to be more Americanized like he is, but his wife refuses to adjust to her new life. Yankel’s wife always wore a wig when she was back in Russia, but since she moved to New York, Yankel wanted her to remove it to show her natural hair, and also wanted her to dress like every lady in New York. He also wanted his son to speak English, and to learn to play baseball.


Bernstein, who boards with Yankel and his family is way different than he is. Bernstein still practices his Jewish faith and could care less about becoming an “American”.  Bernstein is also a Yeshiva student.

Bernstein and Gitl are both alike because they both believe in their religion and they don’t want to change their apperence just because they are in a new country. 


Gangs of New York – The Last Scene By Stacy Reddy


Gangs of New York is a movie directed by Martin Scorsese and released in 2002. The film is set in the mid-19th century in Five Points, which is located in Lower Manhattan. The main characters in the film are Amsterdam who is played by Leonardo DiCaprio, Butcher played by Daniel Day-Lewis, and Jenny played by Cameron Diaz.

The scene I chose to write about in Gangs of New York is the last scene where Amsterdam and Jenny visits his father; Pastor Vallon’s grave. The scene shows Amsterdam burying his father’s blade. Then gets up and walks over to Jenny. Both Amsterdam and Jenny turns around and walks away but they are faded out within a few steps. The Scorsese film then shows a phase of transformation from the mid-19th century to modern day New York City.