About The Average New Yorker

I like to talk about things from many perspectives. The best is if someone doesn't just agree but state their opinion in a form of debate. I like to see things from different points of view.

Chop Shop!

Some people have such a difficult life but despite all their trials they keep going. Ale was a very driven 12 year old orphan, who did everything in his power to make a better life for him and his sister.  His attitude was that of a grown man he did everything he could to make money to make their life better. He messed up and bought a truck with the intentions of having his own business but it didn’t go well. Despite his failures we never see him cry or break down totally. This can be a reminder to the audience that no mater how bad things may seem that there is still some good if you just look closer. In the end he just enjoyed the new day with his sister. To me that represents a new chance for them to try again.


“You never fail until you stop trying.” -Albert Einstein.


Women in TV

In the changing of times women are becoming lead more and more in tv shows. I don’t really particularly watch the movies that we watch in class, because I just can’t relate to anything. There is definitely a change in strong female leads foe shows and women are no longer being told that they should be in subjection to a man. I say that meaning that women are no longer put into the roles of a house wife or the type of woman that should just have met and marry her husband, its no longer sexually bias against women. The double standard is now being changed slowly to create a career driven woman who is more independent/working class.

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The Visitor.

This movie Goes in-depth into the racial profiling and the changes in security measures that happened after September 9-11. It raised very good points, one character expressed that she no longer know the place she once called home and that America is her new home. This is the case for many of America’s illegal immigrants they have been here so long that this is home and by uprooting them is like kicking them out of their family home. In the end of the movie Walter just sat there in agony and played his drums. To me this represents all the Americans who know the problems with illegal immigrants and they feel badly about it but do absolutely nothing about it.The-Visitor-24740_4

Media center trip!

The area in which the media center was located was beautiful. During this trip i found a place where I can meet other professionals and network. During the forum the panel has open up my mind to the fact that there is so much more to the media world that I need to learn. Which is why it is important to be at events such as the one we attended. It is unlikely that we will learn of every aspect of the Media world in school because it is continuously expanding!


Do the Right Thing

This movie has been blunt with the way it displayed racism. It showed the different cultures   and how they viewed as well as spoke about each other. Even thought the pizzeria have been serving the people of Brooklyn from since they were kids Sal the owner still had a sort of bias against the people of the neighborhood. His son particularly hated serving what he would call “these people”. My favorite part of the movie was the quotes at the end  , they made a huge difference in the plot of the movie, before I saw the quote I just thought that it was unfair but also stupid behavior on both sides. This kind of can be compared to today and what has been happening with the cops,which made it very timely.  Both leaders have different philosophies  but are both right something that will be good to reflect on.


Hester street.

“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”
H. G. Wells

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.10.35 AM

This was the likeliness for Jake, who was a Jewish man in Hester street. He felt as though he had to be more American to fit in. Throughout the years the Jewish community ever since they had been exiled from Palestine. They had no homeland they were shunned in the different parts of the world that they had settled. It is easy to empathize with Jake for not wanting to have that same problem here that was everywhere else. Jake on the other hand took it a bit farther to try to change his wife Gitl and son to be more “Americanized”.
Being more like an “American” wasn’t what made jake more unlikeable it’s the fact that he disregarded all his morals his code of ethics. He had not only changed his outward appearance but his inner. After trying to change Gitl he realized that he would prefer her to be more Jewish because it kept her “in order’ so to speak. He was boasting to his friend what it was like to have Jewish wife and how much better than an American woman they are. “American women are good time but not suited for marriage” Jake boasted to his friend.
“There are so many different walks of life, so many different personalities in the world. And no longer do you have to be a chameleon and try and adapt to that environment – you can truly be yourself”. Hope Solo

This is the understanding that Jake just did t seem to get he just didn’t want to be what he was anymore and he called it being more Americanized when in fact being American is just being yourself. It is more accepting of the different types of people that have come here. It just takes time for people to get to learn for fear and threat of their world changing each race,sect etc, puts up a fight before accepting that we are all just humans with different views/ways of life. Gitl changed a few of her ways of dressing and a few things to help her fit in, but not enough to be a sellout on her religion or culture. Keeping her values while adapting to a new life.
In the end Jake didn’t appreciate how lucky he was but someone else did. His tenant Bernstein was being taunted by Jake for not having a woman, he was not just looking for any woman but someone who he thinks would coincide with his beliefs and values.It just so happens those qualities were all in Gitl who in the end divorced Jake.
In the end they shower a parallel action scene of the both types of families Jake and his new bride and Gitl her son and Bernstein the Jewish American family.

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Owens Regeneration

A person is a product of their environment. This turned out to be true for this young Irish man’s life, that is, until he met the most enchanting Marie, who touched his heart causing him to change.

regeneration-1916  Owen’s was a foster child at a very young age. His neighbors took him in, into an environment unsuitable for the growth and healthy nurturing of a young child. There was violence abuse and a lack of everything upright and good altogether. At the age of ten he took to the streets not returning home. The scene depicts all the people in the neighborhood as dirty or ugly and scruffy looking, all but young Owen. He started off Scruffy and the more that he turned away from the gang the better more sharp he looked.

Marie on the other hand grew up in a higher social class and was very religious naturally she wanted to help others, which is why she came to Owens neighborhood, after a brief encounter with Owen while “slumming.”

The movie progressed showing how Marie was able to slowly change Owen. It has a tragic ending as Marie was trying once again to help Owen she is fatally shot dying shortly after returning home.


Owen & Marie, the use of a blue filter.

This film although being a silent black and white film, made good use of filters, inserts, flashbacks and long shots that isn’t really all that common at the time, it was a bit contemporary in that aspect. All these aspects help to give mote feel to the implicit meaning of the movie, as well as helping the explicit meaning. It added some sort of debt to the explanations filling the void that is now filled by dialogue.