Assignment #10 Chop Shop- Bianca Williams

Chop Shop is a gritty, unpredictable, street smart, survival type of movie. Alejandro is a streetsmart young orphan that lives to make sure him and his older sisiter have what they need. Alejandro’s older sister helps get income by seling herself, while he works at a body shop. This is not a  typical , movie that I would watch but it is extremely interesting ang engaging.

It is hard for adults to survive being homeless or on the streets, so for children its ten times worse, Their actions of survival  is way beyond their years, and this is because of their need to make it in the streets and because of their circumstances that are more against them than for them. In the beginning of the film Alejandro and his sister had big dreams of having a food truck and working for themselves. But as life became harder those dreams disappeared and Alejandro began to steal to make ends meet and his sister went in to the business of seling her body.


Assignment #10 by Jethro Jean-Charles

Ale personality is similar to many young children in urban environments. These children are forced to grow-up faster due to unfortunate circumstances. As a society we usually praise children that are able to find their way and rise from those movements. Never thinking how those movements may take a toll on a child so young. Even though I still respect the way  Ale went about striving to provide a better life for his sister and himself it is admirable.chop-shop-movie

Chop Shop By Michael Cruz

“Chop Shop” is a Film Directed by Ramin Bahrani. About a 12 year old boy by the name of Ale, who struggles to live in a rough part of Queens, New York. I really enjoyed this film, it really shows how a city like New York Can help you grow and Mature at such a young age. Ale who is about 12 years old in the film,  a young boy who we are left to believe that he is abandoned by his parents and works many odd jobs to put some food in his stomach. We mostly see Ale work in the “Chop Shop” area of Queens where he sells cheap car parts and cleans other peoples cars. Ale does not go to school, he just works urlhis but off from early in the morning till closing time at a friends car shop, in which also where Ale sleeps and stays. Which is already a quality that is unsual for a normal 12 year old boy. We later meet his sister Izzy, who comes to live with Ale. This is also another Trait we see in Ale that He’s more of a Man than a 12 year old boy. Though Izzy is Much older than he is, Ale provides income and always checks up on her to make sure that Izzy is alway safe. Usually a brother and sister relationship at that age would as end up in them bickering (in which they do from time to time). But in this film we also see how naive Ale is do to his young age. Ale and Izzy save up enough money to buy a food truck so they can take out on to the road and make a living off of. After saving $4,500.00, we find out that the truck is unusable and that it would cost around $10,000.00 to fix. AlChopShopStill3e could not give the truck back due to signing papers and not checking everything in the truck before actually buying. As a result of this Ale tries to find quicker ways to get money by stealing a woman’s person out on the street. Till’ he realizes that it isn’t the right thing to do. At the end of this film it seems like we are left to believe that Izzy and Ale are gonna have to start from square one all over again. This film is an accurate depiction of people who live in poverty in a big city like New York. You either work as hard as you can or end up falling in the wrong scenario with some bad consequences.

Assignment #10 Chop Shop


“Chop Shop” is about a hard coming of age. Ale’s dream is that he and his sister will buy a taco truck and go into business on their own. He saves every dollar. She won’t have to work in Ahmad’s truck anymore. In a heartbreaking scene, Ale glimpses how she has started to augment her income. He never directly confronts her. He works harder to make money, to buy her things, to make money less necessary to her. He is a brother, but also in a sense, a husband. He wants to take responsibility.

Assignment #10 “Chop Shop” – Lauren Viera

Chop Shop was a very interesting movie. It definitely showed another side of reality for some people that are going through struggles the way Alejandro and Isamar struggled. With no parents around they did what they could to make a living. Isamar becoming a prostitute and Alejandro hustling and stealing any way that he can. It was definitely sad to watch. But I found it crazy and interesting that even though Ale was younger than Isamar, he seemed to be the one that was more mature and older in how he was so focused in making money and living better. Isamar was more about hanging with her friends and having fun. Ale was only 12 years old and was trying to make a living any way he could. Helping at the car shops, selling candy, stealing and hustling. Nothing stopped him, and he was very careful with his money. He made sure to save whatever he made. He was a very smart and intelligent kid even though he never finished school. I do with they gave more of a background story of what happened to their parents and why they were living the way did. There were a lot of questions that I had throughout the movie. I wish they showed more of their history as well as whether or not they get out of the struggle.


Assignment #10-Chop Shop- by Christine Brosnan

In the movie chop shop we get a glimpse of a 12 year old boy named Ale and his 16 year old sister named Isamar’s life. There are no parents or any parental figures in both of these siblings life. They only have each other and live in a small room above a auto body shop in queens New York. Ale is the true definition of a hustler despite his circumstances he wakes up every morning and takes the bull by the horns. He hustles making money on the train, in the shop, selling bootleg movies and is saving up at his age to buy a truck to sell his own food out of. He’s very mature and smart for his age. When he finds out his sister is prostituting herself for money you can see the anger in his actions. He robbed a lady, started treating his only friend disrespectful and even began drinking staying out late. This point in life is where the direction you were heading can make a quick turn without you even realizing. This movie is about life and it’s struggles. Rising above them and sometimes letting them bring you down. We aren’t sure what happens to Ale or his sister. But I hope with Ale’s hustler spirit and wonderful money saving skills he turns to something positive instead of the streets. The streets don’t love you they only take you away from the people that do.


Assignment #10: Chop Shop

Chop Shop is one of those movies that are not meant for people who watch films as an escape. The film is a very realistic approach at showing the life of many people that live in this world. The story is that of a young boy named Ale and his sister Izzy. They both live and work in an auto repair shop in Queens, New York. Ale does not go to school but only works day and night. His sister works in a food truck but also prostitutes herself to make money. Ale wants to raise enough money to buy a food truck of his own so his sister and himself can make their own money and become their own bosses. Things sadly do not go the way they want when Ale eventually buys the truck and realizes there is a lot of repairs to be made estimating in about $10,000. The story is very gritty. There is no mention of Ale’s parents or why he never attended school. In the end Ale and his sister sell the truck for 1,000 dollars but there is no mention of what happens next. I personally feel that it was a sign of the bond between a brother and sister and that they worked hard to pursue a dream even though it didn’t get fulfilled. I have lived around that area where the movie takes place and I can say the setting is spot on. It does look like the slums and i think the director achieved his goal of making you feel like you were there with Ale going through all that he went through. I really liked this film and I think it is something relatable to life  in that there isn’t always a happy ending.