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“Regeneration” (1915) Directed by Raoul Walsh really shows how much a person can change in an unconventional environment, even if the change takes a long time. Regeneration starts off with a Young boy named Owen who is already left to live a life of poverty after is dies right at the stat of the film. Owen is then taken in by his neighbors in his building where he lived. Living with his neighbors wasn’t the most pleasant experience. for as the male neighbor was an abusive alcoholic. Owen finally decides to runaway from the neighbors and beings to live a life of his own in the City of New York. At this point the film, this is where “Regeneration” shines the most. Walsh’s Shots of different people living in New York City at the time. nose dudeEveryone was either poor or homeless. People were not able to posses enough money to even spend on their own health. It was pretty much a  “Dog eat Dog World”. This image of New York City is reflected to Owen since later on in the film he becomes a gang leader. He was not a pushover and if you crossed Owen he would have people handle you or he would handle you himself. While Owen did grow up to live a life alone. He does find someone he lust for a Women by the name of Marie.  A women with more of better moral value than what Owen had. However, she was equally attracted to Owen. Marie is the caring and loving person that Owen had been missing all his life and which changes him for the better. Which Ultimately does not end well for Marie. As Owen decides to take the path to live life correctly. Owen’s long time partner Skinny is not the happiest camper. After Owen decides to leave the gang life, He leaves his Partner skinny leaving skinny with bad blood ultimately killing Marie. As for revenge Owen goes to kill skinny and right when he has Skinny in his hands he realizes that it is the wrong the to do and lets skinny go. Owen then vows to continue to live life in the right Path. “Regeneration” shows that no matter how bad the conditions are a person can be saved when put with the right people and the right state of mind.



The film of “Regeneration” directed by Raoul Walsh  in 1915, is a story story about members of a gang, Owen, a young Irish American boy who lives in the streets because when he was little he ran away from his home because he had a lot problems with his family. Owe is one of the main characters of this film, with Maggie a woman that is in charge of a poor orphan who rises to control the mob, and wants to give people new opportunities to stay out of the streets and give them a new opportunity to change and also to learn how to read and write.


When Owen Meets Maggie he smiles and he actually liked Maggie since the first time he saw her.  This started a love story, they started to get know each other, but Owen had other friends that were gang members that were causing trouble around the place. Maggie invited a lot a people to a party that took place in a ferry and he invited Owen and his friends to be part of the celebration, but the ferry caught fire, because of SKINNY one of the gang member that he threw a cigarette inside the ferry. Maggie wanted Owen to change and Owen did want to change because he believed Maggie, but Skinny killed a police officer and that was the moment everything changed, Owen didn’t want Skinny to get caught by the police and Maggie found out about and that’s when she felt Owen let her down, but at the end Skinny kills Maggie and Owen was so angry he wanted to kill Skinny but he remembered that Maggie said it was not worth it to do it. He understood that and he was just thinking about his dear Maggie at the end Skinny died and he didn’t feel guilty but he felt satisfied that he paid for what he did to Maggie.Regeneration1915-01We can change if we work hard to make it. Love can make a person change I realized about that in this film.

Assignment #3 – Regeneration Response – Stephan Moyano

Owen and Skinny were brought up in a world surrounded by prostitutes, gangsters and homeless people. From the death of his mother to constantly being beaten by a drunken next door neighbor, Owen decides to runaway and live in the streets of New York City’s Lower East Side where he grows the backbone of a true thug over the struggles and obstacles life viciously throws at him with no remorse. After all, “life’s not fair” and the 1915 American silent film Regeneration directed by Raoul Walsh proves just that with a deep message alongside.



As he got older, Owen developed a character in which he wouldn’t take $#!* from no one. In order to get respect, one had to prove themselves worthy enough to earn it; thus so naturally being the tough guy physically and internally, Owen wasn’t scared to stand up to anyone, that included putting the beats on Skinny in defense of a hunchback who soon became Owen’s long life pal.



Fortunately, Owen finds love– the only cure for the deadly life he was once destined to lead. Owen falls in love so easily with Marie ‘Mamie Rose’ Deering, a woman carrying a good heart and a non-judgmental mind who becomes equally attracted to Owen, who in her eyes is a lion in pain caused by a large thorn stuck between its paws; Marie removes the aching thorn (accepts and betters him with her presence), treats his wound (frees his mentality with education) and domesticates him (with affection corrects his morality.)

Raoul Walsh depicts the moral of Regeneration towards the end of the film by using the hunchback as the source of revenge taken upon Skinny, who murdered Marie.

As a result of Marie’s dying wish Owen is saved:

ROMANS 12:19 – Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, “VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY,” says the Lord.


Owen never has knowledge of Skinny’s true death, but is set to believe in a miracle.


Assignment #3: Regeneration

The film “Regeneration,” directed by Raoul Walsh, was shot in the gritty streets of New York City mainly in the Lower East Side. The story centers on a child name Owen who deals with tragedy in the form of losing his mother. Rather than getting the opportunity to be raised in a household of love instead he is taking in by his neighbors who happen to have their own martial issues, as you see them fighting constantly and the husband regularly beating on young Owen. Owen being just a child trying to deal with the untimely death of his mother and appreciation for his newfound family tries to be respectful. Unfortunately, the abuse at the hands of the husband becomes too overwhelming, so Owen decides to run away.

The film then cuts to an older Owen who recognizes that in life, “only the strong survive.” This leads to Owen joining a Gang thinking that will be the answer to his survival. In actuality Owen is trying to fill two voids in his life. The need to never feel powerless at the hands of another human being and the lack of love since the death of his mother. Owen thought-process is quickly challenged when he sees Marie “Mamie Rose” Deering at a club. Marie Deering awakes the good in Owen, which can be seen when Owen diffuses a fight between the District Attorney and some of his crew. Owen then does a very chivalrous act and escorts them out of the club safely. That is believed to be the start of the connection between Owen and Marie.

Throughout the film you see several scenes that continue to build the relationship between Owen and Marie. For example, Marie inviting Owen and his crew to join on the ferry ride, Marie making sure they are fed while on the ferry and asking Owen for his help to rescue a mother and child from the same domestic abuse he dealt with as a child. Those events ultimately lead to Owen leaving the gang life behind him. To explore this chemistry that has been building between Marie and him. As Marie represented a fresh start from the life of crime that Owen was once forced to live.

Regeneration #Assignment 3 by Mayra Acero

“Regeneration” is a film that came out on the year 1915 directed by Raoul Walsh. It is one of the first films about gangs that shows us the real gang environment during this time.

EEE_A_WALSH 1915 Regeneration (poster da Kehr)

The “world” of a gang member comes from situations that lead them to be who they are. Owen’s mother died when he was only 10 years old which left him with no one to care for him. His neighbors were rude and abusive to him which causes a person to learn their values as well as actions. Seeing all the violence around him made him be and act the same way which later gives him courage to run away from home after his drunk neighbor beats him. I believe the environment as well as the people in it make who you are as a person because of where you come from and what you were taught is wrong from right.

Skinny on the other hand does not meet anyone to change his point of view and does not stop from committing crimes and harming people. The more he is surrounded by bad influences the more harm he does. Skinny is later killed by the hunchback man who work with Marie. I believe that because he did not get out of the only “world” he knows it lead him to his death. Instead of trying to get out of the gang life he was sunk more in it.
Marie Deering a woman from the upper class saves Owen from the world of a gang member. Marie is an influence on Owen because she shows him how to read and write which gets him off the streets and puts him in an office. A positive person with manners and education is what helps Owen get away from the streets. Marie changes his whole perspective on life and teaches him the value of helping and doing right which is something Owen has never encountered. After Skinny murders Marie, Owen proves he has changes by not harming Skinny. It shows that he has learn to do good no matter how much anger he carries.

Assignment #3- Bryant Rivillas

vlcsnap-80210In the 1915 picture by Raoul Walsh called “Regeneration”, tells a story about a boy who loses his folks at a young age. Then taken by the Conway family who is lead by a drunken father. Owen witnesses alcohol and violence at an early stage in his life that leads him to be a trouble maker as he grows up. Being in the environment he was in, he dealt with violence and introduced himself to the “gangster” lifestyle. As the years went by he earned the position of gang leader with his associate Skinny by his side. The quote from the movie “And then the years pass and Owen still lives in a world where might is right”, describes how he had to fight his way to survive, it was about the Survival of the Fittest.

Owen and Skinny where the duo of the century, they would always be together and have each others back, no matter what. Skinny knew when not to snitch whenever they’d get caught by the local police and Owen knew when to protect Skinny in any situation. As the years go by Owen finds himself in a time of his life where he has to snap out of these bad habits. When lounging at the local theater “Grogans” he finds himself in the position of a hero, saving the DA of New York City, Ames, from being robbed of his goods by the hooligans from the theater. As he escorts the group out of the venue, Owen is introduced to Marie Deering, a Noble Butterfly from the upper class. Being the Noble Butterfly that she is, she introduces the locals of the neighborhood to the Settlement House that she ran. Later Owen participates in what seems to be a charity event she conducts on a boat. A fire breaks out because, Skinny, tossed a cigarette into a pile of ropes. As every escaped the boat, Owen once again is seen as a hero saving two young girls lives. Marie sees the potential Owen has of becoming a better person.

Regeneration 2

Marie introduces Owen to many things and manages to rehabilitate his bad habits. So now Owen is free from the “gangster” lifestyle and is now committed to changing his life completely. Owen gets into her heart using his charm, purchasing a bouquet of flowers for the lovely Marie. Skinny is now declared leader of the gang Owen used to run. Skinny never sought help like Owen did, he didn’t care about doing well. As for Owen, he had a soft side. Owen was open to change. As the film goes by Skinny finds himself in a situation where he had to escape after knifing a police officer. He seeks help from Owen to hide him in the Settlement House. Later, Marie discovers Owen was keeping Skinny away from local authorities and she is now upset with Owen. Owen regrets the decision, but remembered that Skinny once had his back.


Owen now seeks help from the neighborhood Priest, and is reassured he’s been doing a great job. Owen is now seeking forgiveness from Marie who is now trying to find Owen to apologize as well. Skinny lures Marie to an upstairs bedroom where he claimed Owen would be and attempts to assault her. Owen then later discovers where she is and as he runs after Skinny, Skinny lets a gunshot out and hits Marie. Owen is devastated after her death and blames himself. As he seeks revenge, Owen later finds Skinny packing to escape the city and possibly to seek help from his actions. Owen rattles Skinny and manages to escape from and apartment window after he notices the police outside the building. Skinny tries to walk along clothes lines, connected between building and accidentally falls to his death. What appears to be a an accident or a gunshot released from the Settlement Houses assistant. It wasn’t clear if he had shot Skinny, or Skinny fell by accident.

Overall Owen Survived this whole ordeal of living the “gangster” lifestyle. By choosing the right rode and riding along it, but he still lost just like Skinny, losing his own life. Owen lost the love of his life, Marie Deering. With the closing note said by Owen “She lies here, the girl o’mine, but her soul, the noblest and purest thing i ever knew, lives on in me.” Owen continues to live his life the right way.

Assignment #3 Regeneration- Dexter Borja


In the film Regeneration (1915) by Raoul Walsh’s a young boy by the name of Owen who became an orphan after his mother had passed away he then is taken in by next door neighborsthey then took care of him but at the same time made him do chores right after he was brought to the house he was put to clean clothing and it seem like he was doing a bad job and he got hit as a child he was constantly abused and lived in very poor environment so he had decided to run away on his own to live on the streets. As he grew into a man he then became a gang leader and at his side his friend skinny one of his gang members who looked extremely shady with an eye patch.


Owen and his gang in one of the scenes where invited into a boat party everyone seemed like they were having a great time the kids and the adults all speaking and dancing getting ready for lunch. It seemed very crowded at the dining table the children and adults rushed in to get their meals. Later on in the evening skinny and two other gang members saw these three women sitting alone so skinny decided to try to call them over the ladies laughed and said no he tried to speak to them again trying to convinced them and he didn’t do a good job so out of his frustration he threw the cigarette he was smoking to the floor it lands on a big cable which then caught fire in this scene the director chose to change the color to a red signaling danger everyone rushed out and luckily they got away. owen then sees these two young girls stranded and decided to go help them out and then later on they where greatful that he saved them

.owenHe then later on deciedes to leave this life style behind him trying to become an educated adult. after he met a woman named Marie he had fallen head over heals for her she was also the one helping Owen get an education and leave his old life style behind.