Swagger so out of this world – Stephan Moyano (better late than never is what they say)

I’m not really a person who will go out and watch a documentary film, but I’m very glad my professor, Bethany Jacobson put me on to Iris. The documented star Iris Apfel will inspire just about anyone who is willing to take the risk; the risk of choosing their own style for self-happiness of course. Iris Apfel wears what makes her content. Therefore, your opinion won’t matter to her. Your opinion probably wouldn’t even matter to you if you’d see what this woman is about. Forget her age; Iris Apfel seems to live as if “YOLO” everyday. I think throughout her traveling career to different parts of the world, Iris Apfel got a little taste of everything, and not only did she mix it up but she matched it up as well. And it works. I think this woman was always rich, and I don’t mean by money but in spirit.

I enjoyed reading the reviews and the interview. In one one of them The New York Times review, Manohla Dargis says, “They never had children; they had each other”, referring to Iris and Carl Apfel’s marriage. After watching the documentary, I agree; Carl is Iris’s baby she gets to dress up. Carl, cool, calm and collective sits back and enjoys the ride, putting his pride to the side as Iris puts on the pants in this long-lasting relationship. All Carl wants to continue to do is make his wife happy.

The following lines from Michael Tedder’s interview with Iris Apfel stuck out to me the most:

It’s very interesting because you’re the new face of Kate Spade, Joni Mitchell’s the new face for Saint Laurent, Jessica Lange is going to be doing Marc Jacobs and Joan Didion’s doing Céline. It does seem like the fashion industry’s been looking toward women of a different generation than it normally does. 

Well they’re very stupid not to. They dug their own grave. It’s the 65-year to 80-year-olds that have all the money [and who can buy the clothes]. They’ve got all the expendable income. And I think the fashion business was just ignoring them.

Young people don’t have the money for all these — I mean, they have money for inexpensive things, but they don’t have money for high-end brands. It’s pretty ridiculous to show dresses that cost thousands of dollars on 15-year-old models. It makes older women feel very inadequate and very unattractive and very out of it and it’s just been a disaster. I’ve been working very hard to try to pull it back.


Assignment #5 Iris- Bianca Williams

Iris Apfel is a fashion icon that has perfected the art of fashion that spans over decades. Watching the documentory Iris was very inspirational because Iris is a full of life woman to watch. I enjoyed every bit of the documentary from her strong work ethic at her age, to her ability to book and know all of the engagements she is suppose to attend. The documentary not only just shows the life of Iris is captures the life of everyone around her and how she effects them with her larger than life personality. It captures how the love between her and her husband is stranger than ever after so many years in such an amazing light that gives us all hope.  Iris inspires me to never give up on my dreams, goals and ambitions because at any age it can be achieved. From Iris’s signature glasses to her specialty made shoes you can not only see her creativity, but you feel it as well.

“Iris” documentary by Mayra Acero

Iris Apfel is a 93 year old fashion icon who has changed dramatically the meaning of fashion. Albert Maysles directed and filmed the documentary “Iris” which unfortunately ended up to be the last film he made. Apfel expresses herself through her clothing which is a lot of clothes considering she has many storage places to keep all her valuable clothes and objects safe & sound. The movie was a success in my opinion not so much for her being a fashion icon but for the story Maysles brought to screen. Iris being such an interesting character with a great personality and a loving husband is what made this documentary so great.


In New York, either some people really care of dressing to impress or some just do not care what they wear at all. In New York having so many different options to look your best is hard to choose in what direction to go. I feel that Iris is a mix of everything. She uses high fashion clothing with necklaces she finds in Harlem then wears her big glasses and embraces that not giving a crap of what people will say which is pretty unbelievable and admiring. Iris has a tremendous of clothing you do not find in stores or anywhere for that matter, I do believe some of her clothing and accessories are museum worthy collection because it is important to show people the clothing that does not exist anymore and the fashion statement the clothing mean being that Iris wore it. What Iris has that is so wonderful is that no matter where your going and no matter how much the clothing you have on is worth, the point is to embrace what you wear and stand out.


The relationship she has with her husband has come a long way. Seeing how they interact with one another is like watching two people who have kept the fire going and have overcome many obstacles to keeping their relationship going. Both Carl and Iris are used to each, even though they did not have any children I do believe there is an empty space in them that you can see through seeing the documentary. Carl, her husband wears whatever she tells him to wear not caring if it’s some crazy paints or even a pimp hat. The bond they have for each other is bigger than what clothing means to Iris which is remarkable to see how in the film they said how everything in life is borrowed but the experiences we have go with us as well as the people we meet.


Iris was a trail blazer because she set out her style in a way no one has marking her stamp with her big glasses. I do not agree with most of the reviews because some do not think Iris is a fashion icon. One review said that is sad how they were a fan of Maysles but after watching this film they aren’t. The film is great and even if her style is not everyone’s cup of tea I believe Maysles was all about the story he wanted to show with this astonishing woman who has a great personality and a great husband. Fashion is a statement that you wear, some people will love your outfit and some people will hate it. Fortunately for Iris, I love of people love her style and her over the top outfits!

Assignment #5 Juan Carmona


Iris Apfel is a 94 years of age lady who embraces her unique eye for fashion and style. All through her long life, Apfel spends time as an interior decorator, designer, model, muse, guest lecturer, and more, but she never appears a dilettante. It’s all part of her cohesive narrative, where she is constantly driven by creativity and individuality in her life. The documentary is an excellent argument for fashion as art, from the Met exhibit to the sheer amount of imagination required for Iris shopping or getting dressed in the morning. She takes the simplest things from shops and stores all over town and dresses them up in a variety of ways. She decorates her clothing by accenting them with very large and unique pieces of jewelry. Large pearl necklaces with big, bright colorful bracelets are only a few items that Iris uses.

carl and iris

The message of this documentary,  is “success is a sacrifice.” Iris always wanted to have kids, travel and have a successful career but, she realized that she could not have it all and be successful. She didn’t want her kids to be raised by another person. So, she chose to purse her career and travel the world with her husband, Carl Apfel. Although Iris did not have kids as she once hoped, she still feels successful and that her life has made a positive impact in the fashion industry. Beyond her style, Iris’ relationship with her husband is always engaging. They’re the couple that still holds hands in the back of a cab after six decades of marriage.


Iris is extremely witty, funny and motivational. Even in her 90s, she keeps educating young aspiring fashion designers. She believes it will be a lost art if people do not learn the history of fashion and its origin.

Overall, Iris is a great documentary, particularly if you have a passion for fashion.

Assignment #5: Iris by Jessica Gonzalez


Last week, we watched the documentary ‘Iris’ by Albert Maysles. And it was very entertaining, despite the common idea that all documentaries are usually boring. After reading the review that the New York Times wrote about Iris, I agreed with them for the most part.They summarized her early life in two sentences; writing that she married her husband Carl, “with whom she ran a textile company and engaged in extreme globetrotting.” They failed to mention that she helped recreate designs in the White House for different presidents. A textile company is hardly the word for what she did with her husband. She was an interior designer, and a business woman. I think mentioning that she and Carl worked with Jackie O (and had trouble with her) is definitely significant and should have been mentioned in the article. And she was different from the beginning. I remember her mentioning in the documentary that she would badger a poor salesman to let her buy a pair of jeans, because women were looked down upon for wearing pants back then. And finally she convinced him to sell her a pair. Now in my opinion, this is the ‘Ideal New Yorker.’ Someone who doesn’t take no for an answer. Iris also wasn’t afraid to show off her sense of fashion and doesn’t hold her tongue. In an interview, she stated that she doesn’t have any style icons: “Years ago I was influenced by my mother who was extremely chic and by Pauline de Rothschild and Millicent Rogers. Nobody is original anymore. Nobody has any original style.” And when I read that I was shocked, because she is considered a fashion icon, and she can still make controversial comments against the fashion industry like that and get away with it; simply for the fact that she’s right.


Her obsession with collecting countless accessories and clothes is not the ideal past time for a rich matron. Instead she created a life where she can be happy and influence the fashion industry at the same time. For me personally, I think she worked hard with her husband as both an interior designer and a business woman who deserves the lifestyle she has now. She is the example of the American Dream. She worked hard for her money; as did her husband, and she got to travel with luxury. And look what she sacrificed in order to do that! She chose not to have kids, because she already knew that she would not be able to fulfill a child’s needs with the busy life she had. And her husband was completely devoted to her; we saw him wearing crazy designs on his pants and a bejeweled red hat that he wore proudly as well. What stood out about their marriage is how much they cared for each other, and how important they are to each other. Iris didn’t even want to mention to Carl that she had previously broken her hip; the love they have for each other is extremely rare now.

All in all, I believe this documentary was amazing, and the majority of reviews were positive and agreeable. Iris is definitely one of a kind.

Assignmnet #5 by Jethro Jean-Charles

54fdf7f049aab92865820078_iris-poster-albert-mayslesGoing into watch the Iris documentary, I was not sure what to expect from a story about a 93-year-old woman, who appeared to be more of a hoarder, rather than a fashion forward staple. After a few minutes into the documentary, I started seeing into the world of a real New Yorker, with character, authenticity and drive. Within the first few words that she spoke, you were immediately drawn into her story, and her personality radiated through the screen.

I attended the Film Forum with low expectations, and came out with much admiration for a woman who carved her own path in the world of fashion, creating her own definition of “what to wear,” cementing her right to be called a fashion icon. If nothing else, it was due to her eclectic style, from her bright colors and heavy patterns, as well as her massive collection of clothes and accessories that she’s gathered from every corner of the world.

Throughout the documentary, one message stood out to me, and that was “when it comes to expressing yourself, there is no standard, there is no bar.” As long as what you wear makes you feel good and confident, you shouldn’t allow anyone to tell you otherwise.

An underlying story that reverberated throughout the documentary was the love story between Iris and her husband of six decades. Their love story wasn’t what the documentary was about, but you couldn’t help but to notice the love and passion they had for each other. It was a type of love built on mutual respect, loyalty, and dedication to the other partner. Through their respective careers, they lived and were devoted to each other.


Assignment 5 – Iris – Jazmyn Benjamin

54fdf7f049aab92865820078_iris-poster-albert-mayslesThe opening scene of the documentary Iris sets up the bright and creative personality that embodies the main character. The first scene opens with Iris, a 93 year old fashion icon, showing off some of her fashion pieces. Although she is older and might move and talk a bit slower, what she has to say is interesting and humorous. We watch her match huge costume jewelry with colorful clothing. Matching and uniformity isn’t what drives Iris’ fashion choice, she goes with her gut feeling and what she believes to be stylish. This sets up Iris’ character because she isn’t afraid to take risks, she is confident with her decisions, and is happy with her life. Along with her admired reputation, she also has a cultured and interesting back story that shows how her fashion style and collection grew to where it is today. Her calm, witty, approachable personality makes the documentary interesting and fun to watchiris-apfel-article-part4.

In the article “Review: In ‘Iris,’ Albert Maysles Explores Iris Apfel’s Style” by Manohla Dargis, I felt as though they were trying really hard to explain Iris’ personality that it sounded like they worshipped her to the point where they had a shrine in their closet dedicated to Iris. Although I agree that Iris is a great personality to explore in a documentary, the way Dargis expressed their feelings about Iris, was over the top. In the beginning they kept referring back to how amazing Iris was.

I enjoyed the documentary not only because of Iris’ great personality, but also her great story. The director made us feel as though we were with her during her interviews, and shopping adventures. His close shots, and also the longer time he spent on certain scenes made the film seem more down to earth vs. a fast paced commercialized documentary. Iris’ personality is so strong that you can imagine her going husbandthrough life without a significant other, so when the scenes with her husband came around, it made her more grounded and more human. Her high praise and social status in the fashion world, made her seem unreal, incorporating the sweet relationship with her husband showed another side of her.

Overall, this movie did a great job at showing a captivating personality. Iris has had an amazing journey through life and Albert Maysles, the director, did an amazing job shooting it.