Assignment #6- Do the right thing

” Do the right thing” by Spike Lee was an inspirational piece of genius to me. ” Do the right thing” embodied what the title really stood for.  The movie was filmed in the Bedford Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, New York, on one of the hottest days of the year. This film was all filmed in a 24 hr period in a few block radius of a neighborhood.

Sal an Italian- American who owned a pizzeria in the neighborhood , had his two sons working for him and Mookie, who was a favorite amongst everyone in the neighborhood. One of the pizzerias regulars came to the shop at closing, when he looked on the wall and motioned to Sal how come he didn’t have any african american people on the wall. Sal explained to him that it was his shop and he could do as he pleased. Before you knew it, things were getting out of control, and he began to flood the streets spreading this news and getting people to be on board with him.

It was extremely sad when things took a turn for the worst, everyone arguing, looting and screaming. But Sal did not quite understand the aggression and what it was for. The community was fighting for their rights. You could have your business and take our money but we are not good enough to be on the wall.


Do the Right Thing

This movie has been blunt with the way it displayed racism. It showed the different cultures   and how they viewed as well as spoke about each other. Even thought the pizzeria have been serving the people of Brooklyn from since they were kids Sal the owner still had a sort of bias against the people of the neighborhood. His son particularly hated serving what he would call “these people”. My favorite part of the movie was the quotes at the end  , they made a huge difference in the plot of the movie, before I saw the quote I just thought that it was unfair but also stupid behavior on both sides. This kind of can be compared to today and what has been happening with the cops,which made it very timely.  Both leaders have different philosophies  but are both right something that will be good to reflect on.


Death before Dishonor – “Do the Right Thing” – Stephan Moyano

Even though Radio Rakeem seems intimidating in the film Do the Right Thing, directed by Spike Lee, he was well respected in his neighborhood. He showed love to those he respected and hate to those he felt deserved it. Nevertheless, Radio Rakeem stood up for what he believed in. He protected his people and though obnoxiously bumping his boom box everywhere he went, the streets knew who he was and what he represented. Radio Rakeem kept “Fight the Power” by Public Enemy on repeat mode and full blast. As a symbolic act Radio Rakeem did exactly what he preached through his single-played song; he fought the power; the power against Sal and his sons Pito and Vito.

When Buggin Out approached Radio Rakeem and expressed his reason of anger toward Sal the pizza shop owner it only gave more fuel to the fire. Radio Rakeem sought out violence as the solution to end the racial conflict he and his friend felt with Sal. Although, violence is a form of evil; and even in his LOVE/HATE story Radio Rakeem states,

“Let me tell you the story of Right Hand-Left Hand– the tale of Good and Evil…The story of Life is this: STATIC! One hand is always fighting the other. Left Hand Hate is kicking much ass and it looks like Right Hand Love is finished. Hold up. Stop the presses! The Right Hand is coming back! Yes, it’s Love. Love has won. Left Hand Hate Ko’ed by Love.

radio rakeem

When Sal bashes Radio Rakeem’s boom box in he kills Radio Rakeem’s beat to life; killing off “Fight the Power”. Hence, Radio Rakeem is killed fighting the power against Sal’s prohibition of any African American icon’s picture on the pizzeria’s wall of fame. Radio Rakeem fights the power til his own death.


Assignment # 6 – Do The Right Thing by Mayra Acero

Do the right thing is a comical yet tragedy movie that had a shocking ending due to racial conflicts in the neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant. A 1991 film by Spike Lee in which he plays the lead character “Mookie” and works at a local pizzeria own by Italians.

Bill Nunn plays the character “Radio Raheem” who is a guy who carries his Boombox with him everywhere playing his music loudly. He plays a song “Fight the Power” which can be interpreted as a war between the color folks against the white folks.

In the movie, I felt the color folks were attached to their neighborhood and tried to protect it as if it were the only place they felt safe and comfortable at. Excluding most of the white folks and foreigners and treating them bad in a very disrespectful way. For example, the Asian owners of a small corner market have no saying in this so why bother them? Although they where trying to “fight the power” they weren’t really putting anything from their part to be treated with respect. Salvatore the pizza place owner had nothing to do with any start of an argument, he simply asked Radio Raheem to turned the music off. I feel like they had no right to destroy his place built by his own hands and hard work.

I do believe that the respect they have from the cops are very low. Radio Raheem had no reason to be shot at. What they did to this young guy is terrible and this things should not happened. A simple argument shouldn’t be solved by shooting a guy. Cops are supposed to solve the problems not end the problems by killing innocent people.

Assignment #6 – Juan Carmona

gal-dtrt-title-jpgSpike Lee really hit the spot with this movie. It was funny and dramatic. Spike Lee also starred in the movie and he played Mookie. Now Mookie is a black man in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn and he delivers pizza so he can take care of his son and girlfriend. Mookie sounds like he has it together but he has not much motivation for his job because he would rather take long breaks and hang out with his friends instead of working.


Now Mookie works for Sal, the Italian owner of the Pizzeria. Sal comes off as a racist in the movie because of the way he is so proud of his Italian heritage in a pushy way. So this brings in the tension between the Italians and African Americans. Later in the movie a black kid gets killed because of all this tension between the two groups. Now the whole neighborhood wants to literally kill Sal and his sons, so Mookie decides to do something about it. He decided to do the right thing by helping direct everyone’s hate towards the pizzeria by vandalizing it and this kept Sal and his sons from physically getting hurt. In this situation I believe Mookie did the right thing because it kept more people from getting hurt.


The killing of radio Raheem demostrated the inequality between ethnic people and white people. It was as if they were allowed to do anything they wanted with no repercussions.

Assignment #9 -Shakti Pal

The Netflix Series “Orange is the New Black” is a pretty good TV show. It did show woman in a different light as not every other woman’s television show out right now has the same theme or type of characters out. Most television shows modeled after woman just tend to show the stereotype or norm of what woman like. Examples being Makeup, Fashion. Jewelry. Sisterhood, Motherhood. That’s what makes “Orange is the New Black” so different. The show focuses on a woman who goes to Prison for the first time because of something she did in the past involving her lesbian lover who happened to be a drug dealer. She is now sent off to a whole new environment in Prison and it basically shows her coping with this new place and at the same time missing her fiancé. She is introduced to a bunch of different characters and different people. Ive seen this formula before in many movies featuring men but never with woman so it is definitely something refreshing to see. It is very nice to see Woman in television represented in a different way and with different topics surrounding them. This show does have male characters but her they seem like minor roles just as her fiancé in my opinion seems a bit like a minor character. If i were to compare this show to other shows marketed to woman I would say this is something that has come far in an aspect of changing things up. My favorite part is how it shows that not everything is male dominated anymore and things do change. The show does have humor, suspense and drama but i feel the overall theme is Woman’s empowerment. Even if I compare it to the other show “Girls” I can say even that show has the men as minor and almost pathetic characters who look like they depend on woman. Both shows have different characters when it comes to woman but I feel both bring something different to the table. Although i prefer “Orange is the New Black” as I feel it is more refreshing and something that maybe male audiences would also prefer orange-is-the-new-black-orange-is-the-new-black-35892191-1024-1448

Assignment #6 “Do The Right Thing!” by Jethro Jean-Charles

do-the-right-thing-dvd-cover-15“Do the Right Thing,” is a film written and directed by Spike Lee that tackles many topics. These include racism, stereotypes, gentrification, police brutality, parenthood and relationships in the Bedford Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York. I consider “Do The Right Thing,” a classic, one of Spike Lee’s best movies, however, the movie is often glossed over due to the people who are controlling mainstream media. In the movie, Lee holds nothing back in his depictions of what members of the black community face growing up in America. Lee’s hope was to open discussions of racism, something that is not often covered in Hollywood movies. During those times, what was usually covered by mainstream films, was a notion that if you worked hard, loved your family, did well, you would achieve the American dream, become anything you want to be.

Lee’s, “Do The Right Thing,” is truer to the post-slavery/post-Civil Rights Movement America. Where certain races are able to live peaceful lives, with abundant opportunities, a judicial system that works in their favor, while others, mostly black Americans aren’t afforded that luxury. The most interesting thing about the movie is that even though it was filmed in 1989; the movie draws many similarities to present day. It’s as if Lee’s desire for the film to spark discussions about racism were never realized. “Do The Right Thing,” can be examined from many different perspectives: racism, the state of minority communities, police brutality, and the effect gentrification has on minorities, but the reality is, the importance of the topics the movie raises, have never been realized. This may have been because it was too early for America to deal with this type of movie, or because it was from a black director that may have had too much of a narrow view of race in America.