Media center trip!

The area in which the media center was located was beautiful. During this trip i found a place where I can meet other professionals and network. During the forum the panel has open up my mind to the fact that there is so much more to the media world that I need to learn. Which is why it is important to be at events such as the one we attended. It is unlikely that we will learn of every aspect of the Media world in school because it is continuously expanding!



Assignment 7 by Michael Cruz

What I found Interesting about interesting about the trip was how much they dive into different types of media projects. My favorite part was looking at some of the “Projection Art visuals” for a lack of a better word. I enjoyed watching them being that I have an interest in taking up projects like that. so it was refreshing that other people where doing it as well. What I thought about the “Stay Tuned – Keeping Viewers Connected 24/7” panel was somewhat lackluster. All three of the panelist where looking for ways to keep you in front of the television while at the same time updating you on your phone.  I  think that this approach is not going to go far. Television companies like CBS and HBO are already making services where you can watch any show under their channel at any time using your computer or smartphone with a monthly fee tied to it. Thus, needing no cable services at all anymore. I personally think companies like MTV and ESPN need to put more focus on the internet rather than television mostly because that is what everyone uses nowadays.

Assignment # 7 – Trip to Made In New York Media Center by Mayra Acero

The trip to the Media Center was very interesting because they offered the opportunity to learn, meet new people in the field and have opportunity for advancement. The way they have put the walls together to screen many images at once is very eye catching, as well as the way their drew with chalk “A trip to the Moon” was cool to see.

The “Bridge Series” discussion “Stay Tuned – Keeping Viewers Connected 24/7″ about marketing and digital/television was engaging because it is interesting to see how everything is changing quickly by the influence of technology. They were saying how soon a television is going to worth nothing. It made me realized how so many people are beginning to take technology to a new level. Taking it everywhere with us and using it, no matter whatever it is we are doing.

Nowadays we are not only watching television, we are also connected on our phones and doing many multiple things at one time. Carrie Brzezinski, V.P. of Marketing Solutions at ESPN said while sports fans are watching the game they are also looking at the tweets or tweeting about what’s happening or looking at another team scores.

The complimentary drinks at the end of the discussion were also a plus!

Assignment #7 – Juan Carmona

The trip to “Made in New York media center” was interesting and informative. The guide representatives were awesome. I think building a center to gather all these freelancers and media companies in one spot is smart idea. The Bridge meeting was very good too. It was great to hear how  ESPN, Music Choice and MTV are trying to stay one step ahead of every single company in media industry. Now the smartphones and tablets are something that is taking media industry by storm. Everybody wants everything on the palm of their hand, so making apps for their business is next big thing. I think we have so many opportunities in media industry.

Assignment #7 – Media Center – Bianca williams

I have lived in Brooklyn my whole life, and visit the dumbo area quite frequent and to my surprise I have never stumbled across the Media Center. This trip was a great experience because as a Media Studies major it feels sometime that their is only one path to go. But the class and tour director really put things into perspective for me as far as where this career path can take you whether you want to be behind the lens, editing, color correction and so much more.

The highlight of the trip for me was when we went into the theater room , upon entering it is a very nice and cozy well put together room with it red chairs. I didn’t quite understand when entering the room the amount of knowledge I was about to receive. On the panel were three VP’s from Espn, Music choice, and Mtv. Their over view and expertise on where technology with tv is today and where they see it going was so phenomenal. I have never even thought about it that far or that in depth, the strategic planning and master mines behind it all was just incredible. From this experience and this trip I know am more engaged with expanded my career in the media field.

Assignment # 7 – Trip to Made In New York Media Center


Being surrounded by creative people is a great thing.
The “Made in NY” Media Center, located at the corner of Jay Street and John Street, Brooklyn,
its divided into public and private work spaces, classrooms, conference rooms, editing suites, a screening room-theater, a media arts gallery and events space, a library-quiet room, flex-space, and a café with a view of the Manhattan Bridge. The Media Center support media entrepreneurs by helping them create a business model and teaching them how to present, market, and promote their product in the marketplace, and to reach audiences and consumers through storytelling. And I think offering of TV Everywhere is the ability to watch programs on smartphones and tablets, as well as computers with new apps that include live broadcasts in cities, is the next step for TV media.

Assignment # 7 – Trip to Made In New York Media Center – Jazmyn Benjamin

NYMC-logo-dots-horizontalWhile I was making my way towards the Media Center, I liked the neighborhood. The hipster, new age feel it had with the cobblestone streets and hip stores and cafe’s. This set the tone of the Media Center. Inside is clean and organized, which I liked. The people also seemed friendly and relaxed. It’s disappointing, as well as understandable that you have to pay to do work there. But the overall environment seems productive and welcoming to people that want to move forward in the media world.

dumbo21-470x310The Bridge Series was very informative and painted a great picture of how life is like in the digital world, what their thought processes are and how they overcome struggles. It didn’t seem like they were trying to show off their accomplishments, or seem better than the other companies, it was more like they were all going through the same struggles and trying to figure out what’s best for their companies. My favorite audience question was “What keeps you up at night” because that lets us know the struggle that we might end up going through later on in the media industry.