The Visitor By Michael Cruz

“The Visitor” a film directed by Thomas McCarthy. About a Man named Walter who is going through an on-going depression after the loss of his wife. It is unclear as to how his wife died. However, When asked to do a speech in New York City Walter goes back to his apartment that he owns in the area and finds a couple who had been living illegally Walter’s apartment. A couple by the name of Tarek and his wife Zainab. Troughout the film we see Walter’s depression take a real toll on him. Which is why I think he Lets the couple stay in his apartment. As a way to be with someone because it looks like some type of company with Walter makes him happy. We also find out that Walter takes a interest in vi-khach-the-visitor-2playing an African drum. I feel like this is Pivotal to the film, it shows that music can be an escape for all the bad things that can happen in a persons life. An example of this is when Tarek show’s Walter how to play the drum properly, later on in the film Tarek gets arrested for “not paying the subway toll” (when he actually did). We find out that Tarek is an Illegal immigrant, and even though at the end of this film Walter was never able to get Tarek back he uses the drum as a way of an escape from not being able to succeeded to get him Tarek back.


assignment #8 – “the visitor” bianca williams

” The Visitor ”  was an incrediby eye opening movie, even though it was filmed a couple of years ago, it touched and focused on so many issues that we face today.  ” The Visitor” centered around a midde aged man named Walter Valle whos routine was always the same and he was not all for change. One weekend he had to travel to NYC for a conference, and while their he would stay at his appartment he had not been to in years.

To his surprise as he enters his apartment their is a woman and a man that are living their. Both parties are shock to see each Walter explained to Zanib and  Tarek that this is his apartment and how did they get in their. Tarek explained that a friend of his rented the place to them and they have only been their for about two months and explained that they would leave. The exited the apartment and as Walter went ouside he saw them agian and felt bad for them and let them come bacxk into the apartment and told hem that they could stay until they found a place.

Through the midst of it all Tarek and Walter were becoming very good friends. One day as Walter and Tarek was boarding the train Tarek was stopped by cops because they thought that he was jumping the turnstyle. He was then taking to jail, walter went to see him and found out about his immigration status.  Tareks mother sfter not hereing from him for a week shows up at the apartment, she is greeted by Walter who later explains the sitation to her.

This movie has shed light on a abundance of issues steming from love, drama, cultural, immigration, family, and so many issues we all face in the twenthieth century. I love that even though this ,movie was filmed in 2007 it feels like it is telling a story about the age we all live in now.

The Visitor.

This movie Goes in-depth into the racial profiling and the changes in security measures that happened after September 9-11. It raised very good points, one character expressed that she no longer know the place she once called home and that America is her new home. This is the case for many of America’s illegal immigrants they have been here so long that this is home and by uprooting them is like kicking them out of their family home. In the end of the movie Walter just sat there in agony and played his drums. To me this represents all the Americans who know the problems with illegal immigrants and they feel badly about it but do absolutely nothing about it.The-Visitor-24740_4

Assignment #8 – “The Visitor” by Mayra Acero

This film represented immigrants hard life to be treated equal in the United States as well as an older lonely man having meeting new people who help him overcome that loneliness.

Professor Walter Vale travels to New York and finds two strangers in his apartment. They are two immigrants one from Syria and the other from France. Walter let’s them stay in his apartment feeling bad they have no place to live. I believe he let them stay not only because he felt bad but also to have them make him feel less lonely in that big apartment.

Tarek teaches Walter how to play the drums giving Walter a reason to practice at an instrument. Unlike at the beginning of the movie Walter was not so good at playing the piano. Tarek gave him the motivation and support Walter needed to open up and have fun for a change instead of being so stiff and serious all the time.

The way immigrants are treated is cruel because they mostly never commit crimes that give the country the right to deport them. Immigrants do jobs that most Americans won’t do for less money. The only reason they come to this country is to dream of a better life. The way they are treated is exactly like criminals and that is the way this film made me see this situation. I am happy that the ending was not so happy because this is a cruel reality that immigrants need to have a voice and have certain rights.

The ending of this movie ends up being Walter playing the drums loudly on the subway station in Broadway which shows that even though his friend got deported he helped open a new side of Walter that was never there before.

Assignment #8 – Juan Carmona

1335796318_visitorThe movie “The Visitor” by Thomas McCarthy explores the essence of identity and immigration with a simple, but implorable plot. It focuses on a college professor named Walter Vale, and his journey with immigrants Tarek and Zainab, a couple, who were found living in his apartment due to a scam. Tarek and Walter strike up an unusual friendship when Tarek begins to teach Walter how to play the drums. This is interrupted by Tarek’s arrest and detention while it is decided whether he will be deported or not. Soon Walter is joined by Tarek’s mother Mouna. “The Visitor” is a unique take on the illegal immigrant issue, and that’s why this is a great movie because it goes over and shows some of the struggles of coming to America as a immigrant. This movie has great story and characters and I would highly recommend this to anyone of any age.


Assignment #8 by Jethro Jean-Chares

1335796318_visitorThe Visitors was a film that shows that lines between worlds are able to intertwine as long as there is common ground. The movie was a breathe of fresh air. We reside in a world that tends to focus more on our differences, and the hate rather than our similarities. These thoughts are often passed on to our fellow man, generations over. The film showed how simple these similarities can be. In The Visitors, it was their love of rhythm, sound and music. It was a heartwarming film at the core, and showed the many layers of humanity. An additional aspect of the film were the realistic struggles of those not born in America, but chose to come to America for a better life for themselves and their family. As an American citizen, one can often become ignorant to the plight of the foreigner that comes here for a better life. It’s movies like The Visitor that puts these stories into perspective. Overall, I would say that this is a great film for those trying to understand the lines between love, hate and finding that middle ground.


Assignment #8 The Visitor By Tenzin


                                                       The Visitor

The movie visitor is about Walter Vale who is a professor at one of the college in Connecticut. He looks very depressed and hopeless from the starting of the movie. I think he feels alone because his wife is no more and tries to learn piano to remember his late wife. In Manhattan he has an apartment where he has been living for 25 years. When he arrives in his apartment he encounter with Tarek and Zainab who has been living there because they were falsely place there. But Walter let them stay there. Tarek is a djembe player. Their friendship starts to grow and Walter also learns how to play djembe. Walter likes to play djembe more than piano. He learns djembe quicker than piano. One day while Tarek is mistakenly charged with subway turnstile jumping and taken to detention center in Queens. Walter hires lawyer fearing Tarek deportation. After few days Tarek’s mother arrives in New York because he has been out of contact for a while.   Eventually Walter lost and couldn’t get Tarek out of detention. He has been deported to Syria and his mother leaves the country too leaving behind Zainab and Walter alone. The-Visitor-movie-22

I really like the movie. It shows how security is so tight post 9/11 and how people are being detain if the officer suspect any suspicious activity. Talking about Tarek I think they detain him downloadbecause of his racial profile. Since most of the Muslim are at high risk, so they arrested him for the crime he didn’t commit.