Assignment 9 By Michael Cruz

I Feel like women’s roles in television has changed drastically over in recent years. A great example of this is Lena Dunham’s “Girls”. In Girls it is almost as if the roles are reversed between the Male and Female gender. Meaning, the Females in this show are the more dominate gender than the males. Which is very refreshing. A majority of shows or sitcoms women are always used as a mistress or a house wife.The same can be said about “Orange Is THT_orange_new_black_nt_130723_16x9_992he New Black”.  Which is about a woman by the name of Piper who is this very preppy type of person, has to spend a year in an all woman prison. Her we see another Dominance in the female gender where they too can be just as tough and/or arrogant as males from any other TV show. An Example of this is the character “Nicky”, she knows the ins and outs of the prison and also has this somewhat of a threatening presences.  Which just shows that she can defend herself very easily.


Assignment #9 Women on Tv

I actually don’t like to watch shows like “Girls” but my opinion about this is that these Tv shows portrays like a negative image for girls, I don’t know I might be wrong. When I watched this TV show I could see how girls are doing whatever they want with their live, they makes parties bring boys to their house and if they want they can have sex with anyone because they think this is something cool that they have to do just to satisfied themselves.

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I also think that when girl watch this shows they start thinking that there’s nothing wrong with it and they can do it too, because that’s what girls do now in days. But when boys watch these shows they start thing about girls and the thing that they could do with them, like oh it’s easy to find a girl and have sex with her. In other words these shows show boys and girls how to cheat and that there’s nothing wrong with cheating on their relationships.


Women in TV

In the changing of times women are becoming lead more and more in tv shows. I don’t really particularly watch the movies that we watch in class, because I just can’t relate to anything. There is definitely a change in strong female leads foe shows and women are no longer being told that they should be in subjection to a man. I say that meaning that women are no longer put into the roles of a house wife or the type of woman that should just have met and marry her husband, its no longer sexually bias against women. The double standard is now being changed slowly to create a career driven woman who is more independent/working class.

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Assignment #9 Women in TV – Lauren Viera

I think Orange is the New Black, is one of the first shows that woman are the main point of view without the want of a male figure in their life. For example, Girls, these ladies continue to look for love and sex. Unlike Orange is the New Black. And I believe it is the first where they show different types of woman from race, ethnicity and of different size. Society now is all about showing model figures and having to show the world that a slim body is what you need. But I like Orange is the New Black, because in this show it seems everyone is comfortable in their own skin and comfortable with living how they want to live. Everybody’s story was different in this show and I loved that they showed different lives and different points of views throughout the season. It was great to see the different woman that were imprisoned and what they did to be in there, but also to see the relationships built within the prison. It shows a lot of love, happiness and sadness, and their comfort with each other.

Girls was different. They were trying to find happiness with work, and wanting to find love in men. They relied solely on finding their comfort in men and having sex with them. This kind of made the men in this show more dominant and showed that women cant live without men in my opinion. Which was not like Orange is the New Black at all. Maybe that is because its only shown the life inside this female prison.



I never watch these kinds of shows that I don’t know what to think but if I would pick an opinion of it I guess these kinds of films may have definitely change of women Film shows. The film of “Girls” is definitely showing how daily life can happen and/or reveal in real life. As years past people start to be more open and teenagers are participating into adult life more. To me seeing how the new generation is changing quickly and technology is progressing, I would see how technology is what’s making every generation change and includes people as well. As well the internet exposes a lot of information that it can also cause of a behavior change. So to film showing how generation on film and acting is becoming different too. That film now has been revealing more on behavior, emotions, and more body exposures. That now there is less privacy and films going a lot on sexual activity. The film of “Girls” wanted to how 4 women and other people around them is going to physical experience in life of adulthood. Which you can a lot of love and hate in the film. Another film was “Orange is The New Black” that shows what it looks like for a person to be in jail and see what they call “hell”. That there is a lot of sexual activity in jail that a normal person wouldn’t want to be in or live in forever. That the film shows what women see’s in a prison and it is not a place you want to live in. I know many televisions and movies in the future is going to change. Also it is going to be more activities on sexuality and love behavior which worries me of how much they are going to show for kids and teenagers of adult life and activities.

Assignment #9: Women’s Representation in TV


To start, I absolutely love Orange is the New Black. I’ve watched both seasons more than once, and I think the show itself is incredible. Before I speak about the roles that these women portray, I just wanted to point out that the characters are not average supermodels. While shows like Sex and the City and Friends focus on skinny, fashionable women such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Anistion, Orange is the New Black is more realistic. There are big women, old women, black women, and Hispanic women. There are lesbians, transgenders, and cellulite; something that was unheard of at one point is now more acceptable than ever.


Now to answer how the women in these shows are portrayed have changed the playing field in television. For starters, these shows have taken the pressure off for women who think they have to be in the shadows of men. We live in a patriarchal society, but programs like  and Orange is the New Black show independent women who are in control. Of course every story line has to be interesting to have an audience, and these shows include male figures that are vital to these women, but at least men are not the main focus. The show Girls is not just about Lena Dunham’s character having to decide who she wants to be with, there’s more important things she deals with, such as life. Life in New York, and how difficult it can be. Or the other character who was fired from her job and was basically going through a mid-life crisis. I think both shows try to steer away from the typical ‘finding the right guy’ and go towards ‘surviving in life as a woman’.

Assignment #9 Omar.Elbadawi


In Orange and The new black speaking about a woman called Piper Chapman, a woman who sent to a federal women prison for a 10 year old crime she committed while in a relationship with an international drug smuggler Alex Vause . Chapman leaves behind her comfortable life with her fiance Larry for a world full of drug addicts, murderers, and prostitutes.Chapman wasted no time making enemies with her privilege. First up was Red, the kitchen leader, a bad cooker and a leader to many of the girls in the prison .Things started  to get worse for Piper when she realize that Alex Vause her international drug dealing ex-girlfriend and reason she’s in this whole mess to begin with was also doing her time at the same prison.


In “girls” Hannah throws a housewarming party with brand new roommate or Elijah, but it’s hard to move on when she’s still playing nurse to Adam. She want to leave him but she can’t because she waiting until he is capable to take care of him self then she leave. and adam still talking rude to he and the way he speak to her is like he controlling her as a husband. Finally i want to say that people have to respect women for what they do because women are important role in this life, without them there is no life.