Re: Wed. April 29th, Film Forum Screening

Hi Class,

I posted a post earlier today which was an error. It was for my Friday class. Ignore it. I’ve erased the post.

Meanwhile, I have changed the trip we are making next week. Instead we are booked to go to the Opening Night screening of a new documentary “Iris” an exciting feature documentary about an NYC fashion style icon, which is screening at Film Forum. You must be at the theater at 5:30. I have blocked thirty tickets which I have had to pay for IN ADVANCE OUT OF MY OWN POCKET. The tickets are $13 per person. This is a lot of money that I’ve had to front (almost $400 dollars!) Since we don’t meet this week, you will need to bring me the exact amount on the date of the screening. It is IMPERATIVE that if you cannot attend that you let me know by this Friday, so I can take this into account when I have to pay the group sales amount. Film Forum DOES NOT REIMBURSE ME FOR NO SHOWS!

The screening is at Film Forum at 209 West Houston St. between 6th Ave. and Hudson St. The nearest subway is the West 4th St. stop – A & E. or Houston St. stop on number 1 train. The film starts at 6:20. YOU MUST BE HERE BY 6:00 at the latest. The film’s producers will be at the screening for a Q&A afterwards, so the event will end around 8:30-9:00 approximately. This trip is worth five points and is mandatory unless you have a doctors note or other verifiable excuse and contact me in advance. If you have any questions email me. Please post your powerpoints if you haven’t. The following week those who haven’t presented will do so.
Info about the film  Directions

Look forward to seeing you.
Professor Jacobson