The Chelsea Gallery Trip

     I went to a another Gallery that we were looking at almost like documents and different type of language art that Patrick Faigenbaum researched at Kolkata/Calcutta. That he took pictures on Shreyasi Chatterjee and showed of her type of demonstration of her culture art and Patrick took many pictures of how they lived in and what they lived in. I went to see a couple of artists designs but the one that caught my attention was the Dream House that three different artist’s worked on, La Monte Young, Marian, Zazeela, and Jung Hee Choi. What they created was a Sound and Light environment that it is a room of time installation measured that has a setting of continuous frequencies in sound and light. The room vibrates and a strange sound of waves that will go high or low. It felt like a room that you can meditate your body of motion feeling and hearing of your self. The atmosphere of the room is dark blue and mostly purple to change your emotions and your behavior of making you feel like it is nighttime or something different that could cause you negativity or some kind of yoga.


Assignment #10 Chop Shop by Mayra Acero

Chop Shop is a movie film in Queens, New York directed by Ramin Bahrani. The movie is about Alejandro an orphan boy who tries to survived on his on by working in a garage fixing cars in Queens. The neighborhood is in Corona by the Met Willets Point Stadium. Alejandro then tries to contact his sisters and tells her to move in with him in a small room located on the upper floor of the garage where he works at.

After his sister moves in they try to buy a food truck to make a living out of themselves that way they can only be their own boss. Chop Shop was depressing to watch because it was hard seeing people live in these conditions, especially a young boy like Alejandro eating popcorn in his room with not a real parent to guide him through the way.

As the movie went on, his sister became a prostitute and Alejandro began to steal. I would have liked the ending to be different. Seeing how it was so depressing I would have liked for it to have had a happy ending.

Assignment #10 Chop Shop – Tenzin Rinchen


Chop Shop is really a nice movie. It tells a story about Ale who is an orphan from Queens, New York. He has a sister named Izzy. They both live in an auto repair store where Ale works. He is like the father figure to his the sister. His sister work at the food truck in an auto repair area. His sister works as a prostitute at night and Ale find out about it when he and his friend see her inside the truck with a stranger. He never tells her about it and behave normal. There is a truck they both wanted to buy and have their own business. They start to save the money and finally buys the truck, but it is so dirty that they have to change everything inside which will cost them about $10000/-.

The movie is very realistic and deals with the everyday life of the legal and illegal immigrant in New York City. We still see people at the waiting for some random people to pick up for the work. Even though child labor is illegal in New York, I think there are many who are working hiding from the law. Just like in the movie how Ale and Izzy work together to survive, there are many siblings in New York who work together to survive. Chop-Shop-Jaime-October-2012

Assignment #6 Do the Right Thing -Dexter Borja


Now “do the right thing” is really out their and raw this film directed by Spike lee is pretty interesting this movie shows alot of  racism and sterotypes. In the movie you get to see all the racial tension that these races have towards each other their are asian, african American, latinos and whites.


the story begins with a young man by the name mookie work for sal at the pizzeria his friend bugging out sees that he live in a black neighborhood and sals pizzeria has a wall filled with white actors and he decided to comfront sal bout the wall asking why isnt their black actors. sal simply responds becaouse its my pizzeria and ill put up who ever i want, this then seemd to start a spark and buggig out  starts to try to boycot sal by then saying that he is racist. i didnt think sal had problem with the African American community because he basically fed the people in that neighbor hood for years and watched them grow. but one of his kids wasnt able to understand that, urging sal to move to a different part of town becaouse he didnt like the people in the neighbor hood cuz of their coltural differences.


At the end bugging out got what he wanted after one of his friends had the cops called on and they had chocked him to death. moogie was upset and shattered sal pisseria window and everyone burn the rest of it down.